Monday, January 27, 2014

chatak chutney wala murgh for busy days

Last week with no recipe in my mind I thought of preparing chicken curry as had to take Advay for swimming class I thought of preparing the curry in the morning,one look in the fridge and I knew what would be the experimenting ingredient :-) dhania chutney which is there most of the time in my fridge ,this one is very simple curry tastes great with chapathi and some salad on the side

Recipe name chatak chutney wala murgh
recipe source kitchen experiment 
ingredient for the marination 
chicken pieces 300gm
grated ginger garlic two tbsp
salt as per taste
dhania chutney two tbsp
curd three tbsp
turmeric half tsp
red chili powder one fourth tsp
coriander powder half stp
ingredient for tempering/chauk/tadka
oil one tbsp
cumin seeds one tsp
bay leaves crushed two
green cardamom two crushed
cinnamon crushed half inch
mace one blade crushed
onion two chopped
In a mixing bowl mix the above ingredient ,cover and keep aside.
heat oil in non stick wok ,once the oil is hot lower the flame and add the dried seeds listed above
once the seeds start spluttering add sliced onion and keep stirring till the onions become brown
add the marinated chicken pieces fry for two minutes and cover and cook for 20 minutes
in those minutes prepare rice,chapati or clean the dishes thats what I normally do :-)
after 20 mins transfer the content to a pressure cooker and pressure for one or two whistle till its done
serve warm with chapati or rice .
since we had this curry in the evening ,reheated the curry and had with chapathi ,

That's all friends wish you all great week ahead
take care and happy blogging.