Friday, October 31, 2014

Home Cooked Comfort food in Lyon

Its been 4 days since we reached here, now this place looks like home ,everything is at its proper place and there are some cosy corners too where I can sit back and relax. Now that home is set thought of cooking some simple meal as had been craving for home cooked meal since long so today dinner was plain rice ,chana dal ,allo bhujia ,salad and pickle.

Indian Comfort Food

Thankfully there was pressure cooker in the apartment so it was quiet easy didn't temper the dal ,bought rice and chana dal  from the local grocery store nearby they just had Cambodia rice which paired nicely with the dal and allo bhujia .For the salad mixed half tsp of red wine vinegar in a bowl of chopped onion and tomato sprinkled salt and pepper tossed nicely. Ya friends this was comfort food for me really felt satiated,..That's all guys will catch up with your blog soon,,take care and happy blogging