Friday, March 09, 2012

today is the day ,...:-)

today when i got up,i had a smile on my face
today is the day i started this space of mine
to document my love for food and cooking
today is the day i started this sweet adventure

which has become a space for me
space for me to take a break
from my daily chores
to document my day to day life
along with food
to share my musings,
and this wouldnt have been possible
without your support friends
thanks a ton friends
this celebration is incomplete
without you all,..

Today Asan Khana turns 4 year old
and i am so glad i started this journey
4 years back,..or i wouldnt have met
such wonderful bloggers
who are full of life,
who make me come back to this space
to read,write and update ,..;-)
and inspire me to go on
i owe a lot to yo friends,..
Today is the day i started this space of mine
and how could i forget to celebrate ;-)
recipe of  Vanilla cupcake blogged here
i just iced it with icing tube
wrote 4 with icing tube
sprinkled some edible sprinkles,..
enjoy friends,..and wish ya all Happy Weekend'
take care and happy Blogging..