Thursday, March 12, 2015

you feel the pain too - open letter for Advay 11

Dear Advay ,

This letter is about the week we were back from India .I was feeling all blue and  glum and whenever I was showing marriage pics to my friends here I would see you peeping and seeing what pics I would be showing ,you would be curious and inquisitive hearing me tell the tales of shaadi and finally you would take phone From me and scroll down the pics and show them your cousin pics
 then I realised that you are having the same pain as me just like I am missing everyone back home you are missing your cousins too ,sorry Advay again I failed you maybe because I feel you are too young to miss anyone but no I was wrong .Just like I look forward to  for the India trip you are excited too and glum too after coming back .SO forgive me Advay for being so na├»ve and not understanding your pain .
Sharing the pic of you and your cousins for everyone
And a poem too which I wrote after coming back from India
Its peaceful serenity here
Yet I feel like sitting on empty throne
Stranded away from others
Missing the fun and galore.
I know will settle down soon
& the memories will stay with me
But till than they will be closing in
And making me believe this is what life is
So when I see shade of blue
Up above stretching till infinity
I know you too will be waiting
For the second sun
To warm your soul just like me .

With lots of love