Thursday, January 29, 2009

And the yellow parade continues,..:-)

Life is not the same as it was before,now i dont get time to do few of my favourite things :-( but then i know that with time things change and our priorities too,..since past few days i was not able to post as so many things were keeping me busy,..weekend was busy meeting relatives..and then once Monday is there theres no looking back,..with the daily chore of preparing breakfast,packing tiffin,and other stuff,..time just flies away...and by evening i just feel like winding up everything nd going straight to bed, cousion asked my today before leaving whether i will be able to meet her on Sunday,..i told her its not possible as saturday i will leave at 9:30 in the morning and be back by 9:30 in the evening,..because of the part time classes so Sunday i just want to relax and then my younger sis told her,...this is "Life in Metro"its not easy,..i couldnt help smiling when i heard this from my younger sis,..but then she is so right,..back in Singapore though i was at home doing everything on my own ,  i could take out time quiet easily for reading books,paintaing and so many other things but here though there is someone to help with daily chores still i get tired ,i dont get much time for my own things,..but one thing is there i am happy,..;-) i was happy back there too by doing things which kept me busy and now here daily grind of going to work,managing home,is keeping me busy,.
Coming back to this post Tehari is one of the regular one pot meal prepared in uttar pradesh specailly during winters,..i prepared Tehari
and paired with plaintain fry,mix veg salad,poopadum and red chilli pickle ya the same about which Sunshinemom has written in one of her post,..this one is prepared by mom and ya this one tastes best with any version of rice,..specially with plain rice,..
Tehari recipe is blogged already click here
,Mallika has shared video for preparing Tehari click here for the link
Plaintain fry-rub turmeric na dred chilli powder to sliced plaintain,heat one tsp of oil,once hot slide the spiced plaintain,sprinkle salt and and keep frying till brown from both sides,enjoy hot
Mix Veg Salad in low fat curd - in a mixing bowl add finely chopped cabbage ,carrot and capsicum,add pinch of salt and pepper ,mix well,add one two tbsp of low fat curd,serve chilled.
The below Thali has Masala dal fry ,chapati,baingan bhartha and palak panner
Dhaba style Masala dal fry- after preparing arhar dal the usual way,mash properly and keep it aside,in another non stick wok add half tsp of ghee followed by finely chopped one onion ,half of tomato,one clove of garlic and half of green chilli ,keep frying once done add dash of red chilli powder and coriander powder,fry further for a minute or two, add mashed dal and keep stirring ,remove from flame and garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves before stirring.
Below thali consists of dry veg sabji Allo methi dal and coriander chutney
Recipe of aloo methi is adapted from here
Dhania chutney - coriander leaves one cup,garlic cloves two,half of tomato ,green chilli one,salt according to taste,mix everything together and run through blender,hot and spicy dhania chutney is ready.
Below thali consists of Makki ki roti with tava fry paneer and kathal sabji
Recipe for Makki ki roti is adapted from here ,
for tava fry panner just marinate thick slices of cottage cheese with turmeric,red chilli and salt for few minutes,heat half tsp of oil on non stick tava ,once oil is hot slow down the flame and place the marinated pieces on the tava,once brown from both sides remove from the flame and serev hot with any chutney,..
Below thali consists of Sprouts salad with carrot and brinjl subji with pea,..
For sprouts salad just mix sprouts finely chopped onion and carrot,..add hlf tsp of lime juice and salt,..
Dhania chutney if off to Ramyas mane adige where she is on with Chutney /dip Mania event.
Lakshmi of cooking station is hosting SWC SALAD under 15 mins Mix Veg Salad in low fat curd and sprouts salad with carrot are off for her event.
Sudeshna of Here i cook is hosting Harvest -the festival of rice Tehari goes to her space,..
Tehari,Plaintain fry,Dhaba style masala dal fry,allo methi sabji,makki ki roti and tava fry panner are off to Sunshinemoms hub where she is celebrating FIC yellow event
DHABA STYLE MASALA DAL FRY goes to Srivalli who is hosting My legume love affair seventh helping started by Susan
SPROUTS SALAD IS OFF FOR JFI CHICKPEA HOSTED THIS MONTH BY ms of sometime foodie and started by Indira of mahanandi
Aquadaze is on at her space with lets go nuts and the theme for this month is Peanuts ,i am reposting Dal dhokali and potato peanut bhaji for her event
Thats all frens,,.:-)will be back with more,..till thn enjoy,,,and ya happy weekend,..ceeu all soon,...