Friday, March 27, 2009

Dadis recipe of Bakheer for bloggeraid cookbook

When i first heard about Bloggeraid from Sunshinemoms blog few months back without thinkin twice i joined the community because the aim of the community is to make difference in life of lesser priviledged people.
Thanks Ivy,Bellini and Giz for taking the initiative for the cause.
Today is first day of Ramnavmi which is nine day long festival celebrated in northern India to celebrate the birth of Lord Ram,
I still have faint memories of the festival celebration at my hometown when i was in school,asthami night preparations used to start for thepooja of the deities .
on navmi morning early at 5am i could smell aroma of freshly prepared Bakheer and Dal ki poori which was prepared as prasad to be offered to goddess Durga.Whole night of asthami my dadi,mother and aunt would prepare dal ki poori and bakheer so that early morning of navmi they could do the offering to the deity and break the fast of ashthami.
So my contribution for Blogger aid Cookbook is my dadis recipe of Bakheer,as per te rule i am not sharing the recipe just the pic.
Blogger aid cookbook is fundraiser programme,selected recipes will be published in a cookbook and the proceeds from the sale will go to School Meal Program,a program of The World Food Programme(WFP),the united nations frontline agency.If interested o contribute click here for details.

And ya before i forget Wish all the readers of Asankhana Happy Ugadi,Gudi Padwa and Ram Navmi.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another spicy treat from Ushas space,..;-)

When i prepared Hyerabadi Mutton Biryani from Ushas space i knew that i would be trying recipe of Hyderabadi chicken biryani from her blog soon and thats what i did today for dinner,...together with chicken shorva,fresh pomegranate in curd,..combo was yum,..thanks again Usha for sharing such yummy recipes in your space,
..i followed her recipe from scratch except for the last part ,i followed the procedures mentioned in my mutton biryani post ie the layering technique .

Usha has shared recipe for chicken shorva too,this is how i prepared


two to three pieces of chicken

onion one chopped lengthwise

cumin seed half tsp

salt as per taste

red chilli powder half tsp

turmeric powder a pich

freshly grounded black pepper a pinch

corinader powder half tsp

half tsp oil to cook


heat oil in non stick wok

add cumin seeds oce they start spluttering

add chopped onions and keep frying till onions start changing their colour

now add salt,turmeric powder,black pepper powder,red chilli powder and coriander powder

keep stirring till oil is seen along the sides now add chicken pieces and fry further for few minutes

add half cup of water and cover and cook

once done remove from flame and serve hot with roti or biryani.

for fresh pomegranate in curd-beat curd and add fresh pomegranate seeds,i didnt add any seasoning to the mix and ya believe me it was perfect.

Pomegranate in curd is my another entry for FIC pink hosted by Priya and started by Sunshinemom of Tongueticklers.
Thats all frens tk cr,..cee u all soon,.:-)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rosemary flavoured chicken and grilled capsicum pasta

When i saw Chicken and roasted capsicum pasta  at Somas space,i knew that i will give the recipe a try and thats what i did together with fresh baked wholemeal bread and pepper flavoured chicken drumstick soup combo was heaven for me,,..Thanks to Soma for choosing such yummy and easy pasta from Donna Hay for the event,i followed her same basic recipe except for few changes,i added yellow capsicum too and flavoured chicken with dried rosemary leaves and ya instead of basil and oregano i have used fresh lime leaves.
So my version of Rosemary flavoured Chicken and roasted capsicum pasta is off for Hay Hay its Donna day 26th edition hosted by Soma of ecurry and started by Bron .

Need ur help frens i am not able to add pictures and links in google docs are u guys also facing the same problem or its just me do let me know any other place where i can edit documents and pulish them directly to blogger apart from google docs,please leave me suggestion in comment section or mail me on
and ya before i forget let me introduce u to new members in our family ,i am against keeping pets at home be it anyone but Pallavi my younger sis gave me and Advay sweet surprise of these two cute birds,..
recipe of whole meal bun and chicken soup i will be blogging in next post,till then take care and keep blogging and rocking ,i have viva and presentation on 4th of april so gng to prepare for that,..:-) its hard to study after 3 yrs and with so many distractions and ya Advays one week break is also on, u guys can imagine my condition,..;-)chalo tk cre,..ceeu all soon,...

Friday, March 20, 2009

up ka paratha, hyderabad ki biryani, lassi tarbooj ki or soup hai badami,...

Urad kachori is a must prepared delicacy during Holi festival ,but i didnt knew that parathas could also be prepared with kachori mixture,last year when i prepared Kachodis in Singapore i asked my mother what to do with left over filling,she told me to prepare parathas with them,so this year when there was leftover filling in the fridge,i thought of making Parathas and ya they turned out delicious and crispy,procedure is same as allo ka paratha reipe which i have blogged earlier its just that instead of allo mixture kachori mix has to be filled in,we enjoyed crispy urad dal parathas with allo gobhi tamatar sabji and bharwa lal mirch ka aachar.
ingredient needed for Allo Gobhi Tamarar Sabji
cauliflower florets chopped and kept in boiled water for 5 minutes drain and keep aside -one cup
potato peeled and cubed one
tomato chopped one
onion chopped one
cumin seeds half tsp
salt to taste
oil one tbsp
turmeric powder a pinch
red chilli powder a pinch
garam masala a pinch
heat oil in non stick wok
add cumin seeds and once they start spluttering add chopped onions
once the onions start changing colour add tomatoes and mix well
followed by addition of salt ,red chilli and turmeric powder
keep frying till oil is seen along the sides
now add chopped potates followed by cauliflower
if needed sprinkle few drops of water and cover and cook.
before removing from flame sprinkle garam masala powder mix well and simmer for 2 to 3 mins
serve hot with parathas.

i have got yummy dinner platter for you all ,thanks to Usha of spicy kitchen for sharing recipe of Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani,i was searching for the recipe on net and saw on her blog,she has given detailed description how to prepare authentic hyderabadi biryani,i followed her recipe except for the last part,in the last part of the recipe she has baked ,which i didnt do,i did the last part on stove top,if u guys r crazy about hyderabdi biryani do go through her blog,..:-) we enjoyed biryani with onion cucumber raita and spicy avocado,cucumber onion and onion salad in lemon and pepper dressing.
for the cucumber raita-beat curd well ,mix chopped cucumber and onion.sprinkle freshly ground pepper and pinch of salt,mix well .Serve chilled.
for spicy salad- finely chop onion,cucumber,avocado and yellow pepper,in another dish squueze out lemon juice,add pinch of salt and pepper.mix the dresing in the chopped salad ingredients ,toss well.Serve chilled.

In Delhi heat is on,so frequently prepared tea and soup at home is replaced by lassis,kulfi,smoothies and chilled soup,so u guys gonna see more of summer coolers recipe in my blog today i am going to share Watermelon Smoothie and Chilled Almond Soup
Recipe for Watermelon and almond smoothie
ingredient needed
chopped watermelon one cup
almonds seven
curd one cup
sugar as per taste
ice cubes four
Blend everything together to a smooth mix.Serve chilled.
Chilled Almond Soup i prepared from my Mediterranean Cook Book
here goes the recipe
ingredient needed

115gm fresh white bread
1 cup blanched almonds
garlic cloves two sliced
5 tbsp olive oil
one and half tbsp sherry vinegar
salt as per taste
pepper a pinch
tp garnish toasted almond flakes and seedless sliced grapes.
mash the bread in bowl add 150ml of water and keep aside for five minutes
blend almond and garlic in a food processor to a smooth paste
add soaked bread to the almond mix followed by oil,sherry vinegar and two and a half cup of cold water
process till smooth paste
transfer to serving bowl and season with salt and pepper
before serving scatter with toasted almonds and grapes.
Crsip Urad dal Parathas go to JFI Wheat Event started by Indira of Mahanandi and hosted this month by Romaspace
SWC Meal on Wheel hosted by my friend Lakshmi as parathas are our staple choice to be carried during journey.
My Legume love affair Ninth helping hosted this month by Med cooking Alaska and started by Susan
Recipe for rest of us Picnic event started by Ramki of one page cookbook and hosted by Trupti of Recipe Centre
Spicy Salad and Cucumbe raita go to
Neha of Tasty Recipes for AFAM Cucumber started by Maheswari and
to think spice think pepper event hosted by Divya of Dil se and started by Sunita of Sunitas World.
Spicy Salad alone goes to No croutons required event hosted this month by Lisas Kitchen ,challenge this month is indian style soup or salad.
Chilled Almond Soup and Watermelon Almond Smoothie goes to
Jz of tasty treats for Lets go nuts Almond event started by Aquadaze.
Watermelon Almond smoothie also goes to
FIC Pink event hosted by Priya of and started by Sunshinemom.
p.s.- i knw i have not arranged pics properly,,,all thanks to google docs,.hadtough time adding pics there so finally used blogger to complete the .post thats why u cee pics at the top,..:-(sorry for tht,,cee u all tk cre and happy bloggin,...:-)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Craving related post of Teekha Chicken curry ,tamatar dal and spiced up egg curry

Craving can make us do anything,ya i know i have talked about cravings before ;-),one such craving of eating something spicy lead me to prepare this yummy chicken curry with pepper and chillies
...word of caution this recipe is hot so if once in a blue moon if u feel like having something spicy ,enjoy this curry with plain rice or chapati,we had with tamatar wala dal,chapati and rice,
ingredient needed for Teekha Chicken Curry
chicken drumsticks four
onion two chopped
green chili three chopped
cumin seeds one tsp
garlic clove three crushed
red chili one crushed
salt as per taste
black pepper crushed one tbsp
turmeric powder a pinch
oil to cook one tbsp
heat oil in non stick wok,add cumin seeds once they start spluttering ,
add chopped onions n keep frying till onions start changing colour
once half done add chopped garlic,green chili,red chili and fry further till chillies and onion merge together
add salt,turmeric powder and crushed pepper,keep frying till oil is seen along the sides
now add chicken drumstick and fry well to mix the ingredients
lower the flame and cover and cook,if needed add half cup of water,mix well
and simmer again for few minutes.
Serve hot with chapati or rice.
Ingredient needed for Tamatar Dal
cooked arhar dal
cumin seeds a pinch
ghee half tsp
tomato one finely chopped
green chili one chopped
asafoetida a pinch
heat ghee in non stick wok
add cumin seeds  and asafoetida once they start spluttering
add chopped tomatoes and green chili
keep frying for a minute or two till the tomatoes become tender
add prepared dal and mix well.
serve hot with chapati or rice.
another version is to pressure cook dal with tomatoes and do the tempering later once the dal is done.
I wanted to enjoy the platter dhaba style so had with pinch of salt,lemon wedges and green chillies,so for extra kick enjoy hot ,....
I keep trying different versions of Egg Curry,in this recipe i have used red chili powder and crushed black pepper to marinate the egg slices
here goes the recipe
boiled egg four
onion two chopped
tomato one chopped
cumin seeds half tsp
crushed pepper one tsp
red chili powder half tsp
oil to cook one tbsp
green chili one chopped
salt as per taste
Slice off boiled eggs in two parts ,sprinkle crushed black pepper and red chili powder and keep aside
heat half tsp in non stick wok and shallow fry the spices up egg slices and keep aside
heat remaining oil in the same wok,add cumin seeds once they start spluttering add chopped green chili
followed by chopped onions and keep frying till onions become tender and start changing their shape
add chopped tomatoes fry for a minute and cover and cook.
once done add half cup of water and let it simmer till the gravy starts boiling
now add spiced egg chillies in the gravy and let it simmer for few minutes.
before serving garnish with pinch of crushed pepper
enjoy hot with rice or roti.
For Plain Chapathi
ingredient needed
wheat flour 2 cup
water to knead the dough
in a big vessel sieve the flour
slowly add water to knead the flour
dough should be not too hard nor too soft
dough shouldn't stick to the vessel in which it is kneaded
once done dough should be one mass in whole
now divide dough into equal size balls
heat the tava,once hot lower the flame
with help of rolling pin roll out each ball to the desired size
use plain flour if the dough sticks on the surface
once done place the rolled out roti on the tava
keep turning till roti starts puffing
remove from flame and serve hot with dal.
Lubna of Kitchen Flavour has shared interesting post on Roti
Spiced Egg Curry and Teekha Murgh Curry goes to Think Spice Think Pepper Event hosted by Divya of Dilse and started by Sunita of Sunitas world .
Tamatar Dal goes to My legume love affair 9th helping hosted this month by Med cooking Alaska and started by Susan of the well seasoned cook. 
Tamatar dal also goes to Sanghis blog for her Fall in love event ingredient this month being Tomatoes ,i prepared Tamatar dal for my sis Pallavi as its her favourite comfort food specially on weekdays when she comes home after work,all she needs is dal chawal and sabji .
Plain Chapati goes to JFI Wheat Event hosted by Romaspace and started by Indira of Mahanandi.  

Monday, March 16, 2009

Gaav ki yaad Horha or Kuchni ke Saath

When mother showed me dry roasted green chickpeas along with their peel better known as Horha in uttar pradesh villages ,i was both elated and depressed ,elated because she had brought something from our village which i was eating after a long long time and depressed because horha made me remember my Dadi who used to keep all the eatable goodies ready for us whenever we used to visit village during our school days,thick creamy curd set in earthen pots,horha with kuchni,pickles,bhori,chokha and so many other things,...:-)

Horha-Dry roasted fresh chickpeas

Kuchni - freshly grounded coarse chutney of garlic,ginger,green chilli,salt and red chilli pickle,coarsely ground all the ingredient together .


Friends its really difficult for me to decide which pic to send for Click Wood Event hosted by Jugalbndi.Please help me decide whether i should send Horha with kuchni pic or the below pic which has dry roasted garam masla ingredients

and ya theres one more pic
to choose from,...i am confused so ur suggestion will be of great help for me,..:-)

Horha with kuchni goes to Recipe for the Rest of us hosted by Trupti of Recipe Center and started by Ramki of one page cook book .

Horha alone goes to my friend Lakshmis event SWC Meal on Wheel.

Thats all frens,...cee u all soon,....hppy bloggin,...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Holi ki mubarakbad pakwano ke saath,.......:-)

Wish u all Happy Holi 2009
In North India Holi Celebration starts one month before the festival by preparing Chips,papads,mathri,nimki at home,bulk amount is prepared and distributed to friends and relatives. Gujhia which is the traditional sweet of Holi is prepared two days before the festival and ya fresh ones are prepared to offer to god on the festival day.Recipe of Gujhia i have blogged in my last years post here goes the pictorial
of the Ghujia which me and hubby prepared this year,along with Ghujia Thekua
is must sweet dish prepared in our kitchen on holi day ,Thekua goes well with Red chili pickle or can be eaten alone too .To prepare Thekua mix half kg whloe wheat flour and 250gm all purpose flour ,sugar 250 gm or as per taste,half tsp baking powder ,finely chopped almond,raisin,cashewnut,grounded green cardamom.In another vessel boil 2 ltr milk and let it thicken ,once done cool the thickened milk and mix it to the flour mixture .Keep the milk and flour mixture for two hrs before preparing thekua,after two hours heat oil in non stick wok and once the oil is hot ,prepare thekua by the same way wada is prepared i mean same wet hand technique,have blogged the recipe for wada here,slide the thekua once oil is hot  into the oil and lower the flame ,keep turning the thekua till it becomes brown from both side,drain on kitchen towel and serve with red chili pickle.
Priti of Indian Khana asked me recipe of Bharwa Lal Mirch ka Aachar ingredient needed for Red chili pickle 2kg red chili ,50 gm cumin seeds,50gm onion seeds,50 gm ajwain ,50gm fennel ,2 tsp fenugreek seeds,250 gm yellow mustard seeds ,250 gm dry mango,salt as per taste,turmeric powder two tsp,100gm coriander seeds,asafoetida a pinch,mustard oil 200gm.Procedure-Wash and dry Red Chili in sun for three days ,dry roast cumin,ajwain,fennel,onion seeds,fenugreek ,coriander seeds,to the dry roasted ingredient add grounded mustard powder and dry mango powder ,in another vessel mix this masala mixture with asafoetida,turmeric powder and salt .Slit the red chillies with help of scissors,scoop out the seeds and mix in the prepared masala,followed by mustard oil,with help of clean sterile stick push in the masala mixture into the red chillies ,to preserve the pickle in clean and sterile jar dip each pickled chilli in mustard oil and place in the jar ,whatever oil is left fill in the jar,shake well.Bharwa Lal Mirch ka Achar is ready to use.
Holi Special Snacks Platter which has Ghujia,Thekua,Mathri already blogged ,Nimki and Red Chili Pickle .
To prepare Nimki knead dough same way as done for mathri,roll out with help of rolling pin,cut in one direction and then cut in opposite direction resulting in diagonal shaped NIMKI,shallow fry and serve hot with tea or coffee.
Our holi dinner was of Urad Kachodi,Malpua,kathal sabji,Dahi wada,colurful salad in red wine vinegar dressing ya we washed it all down with another Holi delicacy Thandai :-)
Recipe of Urad Kachodi
is already blogged here,Dahi wada is blogged here and have already shared recipe of Malpua in my last yrs Holi post.
For Raw Jackfruit Curry ingredient needed -raw jackfruit chopped one kg,onion paste of three onions,onion chopped lenghtwise three,garlic cloves 12 chopped,ginger one inch chopped,potato cubed three,green cardamom,four,black cardamom three,cloves six,bay leaves crushed two,salt as per taste,oil to cook,mixture of one tsp each of coriander,turmeric and red chilli powder ,mix and keep aside and one tsp garam masala powder.
Procedure- Heat half tsp oil in non stick wok ,once oil is hot add crushed bay leaves ,followed by onions and fry potatoes and jackfruit,once half done remove from falme and keep aside.In the same wok heat half tsp more oil and once the oil is hot ,lower the flame and add green cardamom,black cardamom,clove and onc ethey start spluttering add onion ,ginger-garlic paste and keep frying till paste starts changing colour,once half done add the masla mixture followed by salt and fry further till oil is seed along the sides,now add already fried jackfruit and potato mixture ,fry for a minute or two and transfer to pressure cooker ,add require amount ofwater and and pressure cook for two whistles.Serve hot with rice or Kachodis.
For the Colourful Salad in Red wine Vinegar dressing
- mix chopped carrot,cabbage,low fat cottage cheese ,fresh parsley leaf ,lettuce leaf together ,add the vinegar and toss well,
I prepared thandai from Haldirams thandai mixture just add two tbsp of thandai mixture in chilled milk and serve garnished with chopped almonds.Another look at the DINNER Platter :-)
This whole post is off for Priti and Purvas event Festive Food  theme this month being Holi hosted by Purva.
Urad Kachodi  and Dahi WADA are off for Lentil Mela hosted by Ashwini of spicy cuisine and Urad Kachodi goes to JFI wheat hosted by Romaspace and started by Indira of Mahanandi.
Mathri,Nimki,Thekua,Thandai,Salad are off for Recipe for the rest of us event theme this month being Picnic eat started by Ramki of one page cook book and hosted by Trupti of Recipe Center.
Gujhia and Thekua are off for Lets go nuts Almonds Event hosted this month by Jz of Tasty treats and started by Aquadaze.
Mathri,Nimki,Thekua,Gujhia,Red Chili Pickle and Urad Kachodi add flavour to Lakshmis SWC Meal on wheel,...
I guess thats lotz for one post,..enjoy the feast and festival,..will catch u all soon,..till thn take care,...hppy bloggin,..:-)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Brunch of Scottish oat cake and Basil Omelet and Advays Mowgli look

Last weekend prepared Scottish oat cake and Basil Omelet for Sunday brunch,together with fresh water melons,wholewheat bread,mixed fruit juice and almonds whole platter was yummy and healthy
INGREDIENT needed for Scottish Oat Cakes
One cup medium of fine oatmeal
salt as per taste
pinch of baking soda
one tablespoon butter
three to four tbsp warm water
Lightly oil the griddle and keep aside
mix oatmeal,salt and soda in a bowl
add melted butter and warm water and knead to make dough
lightly knead on a surface dusted with oatmeal until it is smooth
divide the dough into equal parts
and shape out with help of rolling pin
as my mixture was slightly thick shaped the cake heart shapes
and transferred to the griddle and cooked over low heat for 4-5 minutes
other side should be cooked for 1 to 2 minutes
serve warm with juice and scrambled egg
ingredient needed for Basil Omelet
egg white of three egg
onion one chopped
salt to taste
half tsp crushed pepper
dried basil leaves more than a pinch
milk two tbsp
mix everything together
heat few drops of oil in non stick pan
spread the egg mixture
slow cook for 2 to 3 minutes
once done serve hot with wholewheat bread.
and ya before i forget  thanks a lot for the suggestions ,I finally chose Mowgli look for Advay for his dress i stitched paper leaves on his shorts
and stitched flowers too to make it look more natural :-)
this is how he looked at the function ,and ya he won third prize in fancy dress competition.,..:-)

Scottish oat cake are off for Recipe for rest of us Picnic Eats event hosted this month by Trupti of recipe center and started by Ramki of one page cook book.
Wish u all Happy International Women day frens,....:-) enjoy the weekend,.ceeu all soon,.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Chatpta kathal ka achar khichdi ke sath,..and ya i need ur help,..;-)

I have already blogged about Khichdi being our regular saturday meal but on Monday i just felt like having this comfort food,forgot to add turmeric thats why u see pale white colour but taste wise it was perfect and together with plain curd,grilled tomato chutney,kathal achar and sago papad the whole platter was yummy,i guess sometimes HAPPINESS IS EATING WHAT U LIKE and thats how i felt Happy and satisfied.:-)
Recipe of Khichdi is blogged here
Recipe of Grilled tomato chutney is blogged here
Kathal Aachar is home made prepared by my mom
ingredient needed for Jackfruit Pickle
Raw jackfruit one kg chopped
mustard oil
salt as per taste
for masala
50gm each of coriander seed ,cumin seed,fennel seed,carom seednigella seed and mustard seed
one tbsp fenugreek seeds
turmric powder one tsp
red chilli powder one tsp
asafoetida half tsp
dry fry on slow heat coriander,cumin,fennel,carom ,nigella and fenugreek seeds
to the fried masala add mustard seed,asafoetida,red chilli powder and turmeric powder
run through the blender
pickle masala is ready
heat water in wok,once wate starts boiling add chooped jackfruit for two minutes ,drain and keep aside.
spread the drained jackfruit on a plastic sheet and let it dry in sun
in a dry and sterile preferably glass jar add the sun dried jackfruit followed by prepared masala
add required amount of salt and stir well
add mustard oil in the jar and shake well
cover and keep.
Pickle is ready to use,..enjoy with paratha,khichdi or whatever u like,..:-)
Yummy Jackfruit pickle is on the way to Lakshmis hub where she is on with AFAM JACKFRUIT event started by Maheswari and hosted by her this month .
Tomato chutney
is off for Sanghis event Fall in Love with tomato ,i prepared tomato chutney as the chutney add extra flavour to the plain khichdi and moreover i luv this chutney specially with parathas its mine all time favourite.
Easy Craft is on with WYF Cuisine and i am sending this yummy platter of
Khichdi ,grilled tomato chutney and kathal pickle to her event,this thali is typical uttar pradesh thali so my entry is under uttar pradesh cuisine,..
Khichdi is off for Lentil mela hosted by Ashwini of Spicy cuisine.
Kathal pickle is also off for lakshmis SWC food on wheel event, kathal pickle goes well with plain poori and parathas.
Cee u all soon frens and ya before i forget i need small help from u,Advays is participating in fancy dress competition in his school,ya i know he is too small :-),its annual day celebration in his play school on 7th march,i am still thinking what to dress him as,..please help me decide ,hows mowgli thats all i can think specially cause of his long hair,.;-)chalo tk cre,.keep bloggin,..:-)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Phool gobhi ka aachar allo paranthe ke sath,..:-)

I guess everybody loves home made pickles because they are prepared with special care, love and affection ,pickles are not my cup of tea because I feel they need proper measurement and most of my cooking is without measurement I just use approx ingredients needed but  when I asked my mom ingredients for gobhi pickle which she had prepared and got from home she told me she never uses any measurement its just Andaz se ,I couldnt help smiling still I had to blog the recipe so I asked her again if she can tell me the approx amount of the ingredients,she thought hard and then told me the measurements ,u guys must be thinking why I am blabbering so much about the pickle its because i am going to share my moms  recipe of Instant Gobhi pickle for JFI Cauliflower hosted this month by Paajaka recipes and started by Indira of Mahanandi.
Ingredient needed are- 250gm chopped cauliflower  florets,100 gm fresh green peas,green chilli handful,100gm fennel seeds,100gm rye seeds,one  tsp red chilli powder,two tsp coriander powder,pinch of asafoetida,salt to taste and  200ml mustard oil to preserve.
Procedure-In a wok boil water and when the water starts boiling add chopped cauliflower florest and green peas ,keep them in water for 2 mins,drain and keep in sun to dry for two to three hrs. 
slit half the green chillies ,wash and dry in the sun.
Run through blender fennel and rye seeds, add red chilli powder,coriander powder, asafoetida ,turmeric powder and salt to the fennel and rye powder.
mix this mixture to the dried cauliflower and green peas and sun dried green chillies.
In a dry and sterile jar pour the cauliflower mixture followed by mustard oil,mix well and the pickle is ready to eat.
This pickle goes well with parathas,dal chawal and roti subji.
We enjoyed with Allo parantha
Ingredient needed- boiled potato two,green chilli one,salt as per taste,garam masala powder half tsp,coriander powder half tsp,pinch of haldi,cumin seeds pinch,pinch of red chilli powder.
Procedure-mix all the ingredients together except cumin seeds
Heat oil in non stick wok,add pinch of cumin seeds,followed by the potato mixture,stir fry for few minutes,remove from flame and let it cool.
Roll out chapatti shape with help of rolling pin fill in the potato mixture in the centre
Seal all the ends of the chapatti to cover the dough.
and roll out again chapati shape
keep non stick tava on flame
add few drops of refined oil or rub the tava with butter whatever is preffered.
roast the parantha on tava till brown from both sides.
serve hot with curd or pickle.
Delicious to eat and simple to make Allo paratha goes to Siris corner where she is on with Recipe for rest of us -Dinner edition event started by innovative Ramki of One Page Cookbook .
Lakshmi my friend from Singapore is on with SWC Meal on Wheel where she is asking everyone to prepare food which can be carried while travelling Allo parantha and instant gobhi pickle are off for her event,as most of our long train journeys this is the combo which we used to carry...,ie pickle and parantha.
Ceeu all soon,..frens,.enjoy the weekend,...till thn hppy bloggin,..:-)