Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Weekend Cooking - Alloo Tikiya Chaat

Its been so long since i had Alloo Tikiya Chaat ,

 i was craving for the same chaat  which is sold at Prince Chaat outlet  at Greater Kailash market in New Delhi,i have already bragged about Palak Papdi Chaat sold at Prince Chaat ,so this weekend driven by my craving and so many other things i finally tried Alloo Tikiya Chaat at home and i am so glad i did or i would have to wait for my trip to Delhi to relish this,:-)

Recipe name Alloo Tikiya Chaat/
Recipe source Kitchen experiment
Preparation time one hour
Cooking time 15 mins
Boiled potato four
salt as per taste
red chili powder half tsp
garam masala powder
cornflour one tbsp
green pea one tbsp
cubed cottage cheese eight pieces
cumin seed one fourth tsp
oil to cook
chopped almond,cashew nut and pistachio one tbsp
heat one tsp oil in non stick wok
lower the flame and add cumin seeds
once it starts spluttering add green pea and cottage cheese
fry for three minutes and remove from flame
keep aside and let the mixture cool

In a mixing bowl add boiled potato
followed by salt,red chili powder,garam masala powder
mix everything together to a smooth mix
add cornflour and fried cottage cheese and green pea
divide the potato mix into equal sized disc
keep dryfruits in the centre and press the ends together
flatten the stuffed tikkis and keep aside
In a non stick pan,heat one tbsp of oil
once hot lower the flame and place the tikkis
cook on low flame till the tikkis turn brown on both side
drain on kitchen towel and keep aside.

ingredeint needed to serve the tikkis/alloo tikiya
green chutney
tamarind chutney
spiced chickpea
beaten curd
chopped onion
To serve
-Tikkis can be enjoyed alone with Tea

-Tikkis can be topped with Chola as i have done here
- In a serving plate place two tikkis,top it with beaten curd,green chutney,
 tamarind chutney,spiced chickpea,sev and finely chopped onion
 and just eat it,..;-)

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