Friday, September 24, 2010

Some quick fix meals - and Cheesy egg roll :-)

Many time when i dont feel like cooking i end up with something  filling like this

Chicken Roll
or with something light  like this

Chicken wheat wrap
or something spicy like this
Spicy chicken drumsticks
Sometimes cooking for self ends up with this yummy platter

Stir fried veggies with rosemary flavoured chicken
or something flavourful like this

Rice with veggies
or something green like this

Bread pizza with potato french beans sabzi.

I always go for simple recipe like these whenever i have to cook for myself ,today hubby is on call,
 evening when i felt hunger pangs i prepared this in less thn 2 mins

this is how i did
ingredient needed
leftover chapati one
egg one
cheese one tbsp
ketchup one tbsp
one fourth tsp of oil
heat oil in non stick pan
roast the leftover chapati
add egg on top of the chapati
add cheese and ketchup
once done from one side
flip over and turn .
serve warm with cofee of ur choice.
Truly enjoyed this ,perfect quick fix meal,:-)
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enjoy the weekend ahead,..:-)