Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend cooking and eating

last post I blogged about the bread and the dough ,bread was baked

so that I could prepare something which was on my mind since a long time and thats what I did .I had never heard of Vada pav before coming to Singapore,maybe I had seen vendors selling this delicacy in stations of  Maharashtra  but I never thought of buying for myself, though I had seen passengers buying and eating the same ,i would happily settle down for nagpur oranges,those were the days now i really miss those train journey between Delhi to Bangalore .
Thanks to Blogopshere and the food bloggers for tempting me with the gorgeous pics since past few years,I had to try this ,

Coming back to today's post sharing with you all pictures of Vada Pav which i prepared inspired from blogopshere ,together with red chutney and green chutney truly savoured the meal like anything,

followed blog SizzlingVeggies for the batata vada and pav recipe
green  coriander chutney blogged here
tawa fried green chili blogged here
dry garlic chutney -red chuutney inspired from A bit of this and a bit of that
btw these pavs taste good with tea and coffee ,i loved them with my morning cup of coffee

thats all friends,wish you all greay week ahead
take care and happy blogging .