Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pizza Party Day = Happy Day - letter 5 for Advay

Dear Advay ,
I was happy today when I got up ,had a nice cup of coffee with fruit cake woke you up and thus the day started you know the reason for my happiness you must be wondering because that time at 6am  I am cranky and according to you always screaming as I have to do multitasking.
Today was Pizza party day in your school which means no lunch box from home so today I didn't had to rake my brain and think what to pack in your Tiffin .Ya  Advay  I know you must be thinking that I am so lazy but yes such kind of brake specially when the food is organised by school makes me happy in different way you are happy too whenever you show me the slip for the Pizza Party for oblivious reason because you love eating pizza.
This letter is just for sharing my little happiness for you that though I like to pack Tiffin for you I love this kind of break every 2 to 3 weeks when there's no need for me to pack food for you.This was a secret in my heart which I am sharing with you today .A pinch of happiness the similar kind you have when you don't have any home work from school.
With lots of love
Your lazy mummy
p.s. the picture above  was taken in year 2013 at Nanjing Road Shanghai China
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