Saturday, January 19, 2013

A new day and a new life -food fiction

Morning when I got up and looked in the mirror I saw the changes which had happened in me ,there were wrinkles on my skin,my skin looked pale and white and I almost look like a skeleton ,now I knew why I was not given the mirror even after repeatedly asking for it and why my hair was combed by my husband .I looked in despair at myself and then heard my sons scream in the background.
"Mumma look what I baked for you today"
I turned around holding the door and the clutches and saw him with a tray full of cupcakes and my favorite coffee.

My son looked so mature,two months  had matured him so much,he took my hand and guided me slowly to the coach my favorite area to sit in the house ,nothing had changed in the house ,everything looked the same
Still lost in my reverie  my son brought me back to the reality by giving me a envelope which was titled graduation day ,tears brimmed in my eyes when I read the card,we had been invited for the graduation ceremony ,so much had happened while I and been sleeping how they must have managed ,what about my family with so many questions going in my mind I felt as if I would collapse again ,..
"Mumma you know what I knew  that you would be fine one day"
I just shook my head and controlled my tears 
"Mumma I used to read your blog and felt as if you are talking to me , I would read your blog daily and  felt at peace and I learnt to bake cake too ,the one which you love to eat."
Me-" How's your papa?"
"He is fine ,we came every evening to meet you ,.."
Me-" but I have changed I am not the same I look so different ,like a ghost how can anyone love me now ?"
" Mumma you are back and that's the greatest gift to us from god ,you know what I never cried for you because I always felt that you would be back one day scolding me ,teaching me ,loving me,and caring for me like you always did ,..and ya now you  drink coffee or it will be cold ,dad will be coming soon and then we are going out for a drive ,,..:)"

I just sighed and smiled ya indeed life is back to normal but will I be fine and be the same PIa as I was two months  back before the accident which changed my life forever but when I  took a bite of the cupcake which my son had baked for me and saw the gleam in his eye I could see sunshine in the clouds and thanked god for giving me second chance to love and live again

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