Thursday, January 08, 2015

I think god must be crying - poèm

I think God must be crying 
When he sees them fighting
For something like this 
For which people are killed 

I think he must be frowning 
For such fools who are smiling
Who sing his name & glory 
& then get people killed 

I think He Must be thinking 
Why he created such being 
Who think like this
And bring misery to appease

Maybe he must be wondering 
What he was doing
When he sent them with brain 
Then Why they act insane 

I think he must be puzzled 
Why they are different 
When they all are same 
Why some act so weird 

Maybe one day he will have answers 
And then maybe there won't be slaughter 
And then all will be pleased 
With happiness in excess 

I am waiting for that day 
When we would be happy & gay
And there won't be any news 
Of something terrible like this 

Till then I can just sigh & say 
Let's fold our hands & pray 
For people who have died
Just to make us smile

p.s. the above pics are clicked in Lyon France

God in your name - a poem


God in your name
Your children are killed
if they really love you
Why they doing this
To please you
Are you really pleased ?
God in your name ,
They are ready to sin .
If they really hear you
Why can't they hear
The scream and cry
Of those who are killed .
God in your name
How long will this be seen
If they really respect you
Why can't they see
The pain and anguish
Of people suffering .
God in your name
I am praying
Please stop all this
Let there be peace
For all the
Human being .

p.s. the above pic was clicked at Hotel de Ville Lyon France