Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lemony Creamy Chicken Fry

I prepared this simple chicken fry with some leftover ingredients from my fridge,so there is no specific mesaurement of the ingredients ,

Recipe Name Lemony Creamy Chicken Fry
Preparation time 10 mins

for the recipe heat oil in non stick wok fry sliced onions and 2 to 3 cloves of garlic,in the time being in a mixing bowl place the chicken pieces approx two to three pieces,green coriander chutney,cream ,lemon juice,mix together,crush two cherry tomatoes and a green chili and transfer this mixture to the wok once the onions are half done,keep stirring and once chicken is semi tender ,season with salt,cumin powder,red chili powder ,turmeric powder and mix well,no need to add water as this one is dry recipe,before removing from flame sprinkle garam masala and remove from flame.Serve warm with anything,i had with wholewheat bread,...and what a meal it was,..ya its true there was no one at home with sisters out for shopping with advay i had to just cook for myself ,thus i truly both cooking and eating and ya its true sometimes cooking really acts like therapy for me,...:-),,,cee you guys soon enjoy the weekend,...till thn happy bloggin...