Tuesday, February 24, 2009

thali for Mahashivratri vrat specially prepared by my mom,..

VRAT THALI with Allo fry,singhare ki poori,ber and dahi Below pic has Makhana fry,peanut fry sago pappadum,allo fry and tea with orange flakes

I know i am off from blogosphere since past few days i dont know whether u guys missed me or not but i was really missing u all and ur yummy posts,.before i forget wish u all belated though Maha Shivratri,.

.Advay is not well,he is down with viral fever ,which is s due to teething his eight decidious teeth are erupting together and is giving him lots of trouble,he has become very irritable and not leaving me even for a second,...:-( my parents were here for the weekend thus yesterday Shivratri fasting was feast for me prepared by my mom just for me,if i was here alone with Advay i wouldnt have got time to prepare all the delicacies in the pics above,i am busy with the round up too which i guess will tke few more days and ya after a long long time managed to saw movie in theatre thnks to my sis who agreed to baby sit for Advay and gave me much needed break,;-)i saw Delhi 6,..i had to after all i am stayin in this beautiful city full of life,,..and ya loved the movie lotz,...because the movie shows the true colour of Delhi,..:-)
recipe of vrat wale allo is already blogged
for peanut and makhana fry -heat half tsp of ghee in non stick wok and once hot lower the flame shallow fry peanuts and makhana separately ,garnish with sendha namak also known as rock salt and black pepper powder.
sago poppadum is store brought one specially prepared for fasting
singhare ke aate ki poori- knead the singhara flour with boiled potato and water,shape out poori shape with help of hand or rolling pin and fry the same way as poori is done.
thts all frens....will be back soon,..................till thn tk cre nd keep bloggin,..:-)