Friday, March 06, 2015

this post is about Holi

This post is about today
Have lots to say
But will say another day
This post is about colours
Which we would throw
On another
This post is about food
Thinking of which makes
Me drool
This post is about memories
Which is now stories
Treasured & cherished
This post is about relationships
Which is still not broken
Joined in mismatched fragments
This post is to help me
To drive away the pain
So that I can be healed in
A beautiful way .

Hello friends the above verse says all sharing with you all few Holi delicacies prepared at home in Lyon
Just like every year prepared Ghujia /ghuzia at home traditional holi delicacy
Khoa air flown from India made it more special
And for holi brunch cooked panchphoran wale aallo & ajwain kachodi

and some pics of the traditional meal cooked at home in India
Jackfruit Curry
Dahi Wada
Mathri & Namkin
Imli Chutney

Recipe of Ghujia/ghuzia blogged here
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Recipe of tamarind chutney blogged here
Recipe of Jackfruit curry blogged here
Recipe of Ajwain Kachodi blogged here
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Wish all the readers of Asan Khana Happy Hopi 2015
Take care & happy blogging
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