Sunday, March 09, 2008

From my kitchen experiment - Chicken Biryani

Introduction-this is a simple recipe for two people,...u can increase the quantity of ingredients if cooking for more people...well to prepare chicken biryani quick and fast u can follow this recipe,...


  1. two chicken drumsticks
  2. two onions
  3. three garlic buds
  4. three green chillies
  5. one teaspoon each of turmeric,red chilli,garam masala,and coriander powder
  6. one tablespoon mixture of cloves,black pepper,crushed cinnamon,cardamon,bay leaves
  7. oil two tablespoon
  8. salt two teaspoon
  9. half of tomato
  10. one teaspoon of cumin seeds

spreparation- boil chicken drumstick for five minutes,drain and keep the stock and keep chicken aside.chop and keep garlic,onion,tomato and green chili.cook rice in microwave or pressure cooker whatever convenient for you.rice should be in semi cooked state..

procedure-heat oil in the non stick kadai...i prefer non stick as it is less time consuming and for cleaning also its easy as it doesn't stick to the kadai,anyways lets proceed with the procedure well one the oil is warm enough u can test by adding few seeds of cumin,if they start spluttering add cloves,black pepper,crushed cinnamon,cardamon and bay leave,in two minutes or less then that they will turn brown once brown add chopped onion ,garlic and green chillies,followed by chopped tomatoes,after a minute once there are brown and are in semi cooked state add the masala powders, i.e. redchilli,turmeric,coriander and garam masala.....followed by salt,,once u see oil at the sides of the kadai it means you can add the boiled chicken cook for few seconds,,now add the chicken stock half of it and let it simmer for some time,...u can cover the kadai for few seconds,,now add the cooked rice and the rest of the chicken stock,,and cover the vessel....that's all.....

you can enjoy with onion and tomato raita,pickles,and home made papad....:-)