Friday, May 22, 2009

Chana dal paratha aam aachar or gobhi sabji ke saath

 When I blogged about Bakheer, I had mentioned about Chana dal parantha which is prepared every year on the auspicious day of Ramnavami,as mother is here for wedding preparation,I asked her to prepare the same paranthas and together with instant  khatta meetha aam achar, gobhi sabji and drumstick pickle meal was awesome.

Ingredient needed for chana dal parantha
Kneaded wheat dough as per requirement
Ingredient needed for filling
Chana dal 150gm
Asafetida a pinch
Cumin seeds half tsp
Dried red chili two crushed
Salt as per taste
Turmeric powder a pinch
Oil one tsp
Soak chana dal for 3 to 4 hrs in water,drain and keep aside
Heat one tsp oil in wok
Add pinch of asafetida,cumin seeds and dried rd chilli
Once they start spluttering add drained chana dal
And keep stirring now add required one cup of water
Followed by salt and turmeric powder, stir well
Cover and cook on low flame.
When the chana dal becomes tender,
Remove from flame  and let the mixture cool
And run through the blender to get a coarse mix without adding water.
Add half tsp of garam masala.
Mixture for parantha is ready.
Roll out parantha of the desired size
Fill in the chana dal mixture and
Place on a lightly oiled tava
Keep turning till it becomes brown from both side.
Serve hot with chutney and sabji.
Note- for chana dal poori,make the same in small size with thick edges ,place on lightly oiled tava and then deep fry.
Mother prepared both drumstick and mango pickle the same day,here goes the recipe.
Instant Drumstick Pickle
Ingredient needed
Garlic cloves 6
Yellow mustard two tsp
Green chilli three
Salt as per taste
Turmeric powder a pinch
Mustard oil one tsp
Drumsticks 4
Chop ,wash and boil drumsticks,drain and keep aside.
For the paste
Make paste of yellow mustard,green chili and garlic  cloves ,keep aside
Heat oil in wok
Add boiled drumsticks and fry for two minutes
Add masala paste followed by salt and turmeric powder
Fry for two minutes
Remove from flame and let it cool.
For khatta meetha aam aachar
Ingredient needed
Green mango four peeled,cubed and wash aand keep aside
Jaggery 250gm
Cumin seeds a pinch
Fennel seeds a pinch
Ajwain seeds apinch
Nigella seeds a pinch
Fenugreek seeds a pinch
Dried red chili two crushed

Salt as per taste
Heat oil on wok
Add spice mixture and salt
Add chopped mango,fry for two minutes  and remove .
In another wok add one cup of water followed by jaggery and keep stirring
Till it gains syrup like consistency
Add mango mixture and keep on low flame for few minutes.
serve warm with parathas.
For allo gobhi tamatar sabji
ingredient needed
chopped cauliflower
chopped potato one peeled and cubed
tomato one cubed
onion one cubed
green chili one
cumin seeds half tsp
salt as per taste
red chili powder half tsp
turmeric powder half  tsp
oil to cook
heat oil in wok
add cumin seeds once they start spluttering
add chopped onion and green chili
keep frying till onions start changing their colour
now add cubed potatoes and mix well
add salt,turmeric and red chili powder
mix well followed by addition of cauliflower
keep stirring till oil is seen along the sides
now add chopped tomato,mix well and cover and cook.
once done serve hot with chapati and dal.
Event entry
Allo Gobhi tamatar sabji and instant drumstick pickle are off to Tasty Curry Leaf where she is on with Favourite colour event started by Sunshinemom and yellow being my favourite colour i am sending both these dishes to her event.
Khatta meetha aam achar goes to Pritis space where she is on with Festive food Summer treat,as this pickle is summer special and regularly prepared at our home .