Tuesday, May 12, 2015

to live my dream - visit Laduree in Paris

I love to dream because I believe that dreams do come true.To visit Paris was on my wish list since long and I never knew that someday I would be staying in France. Now its been more than six months since I am in this country and; I am loving it here initially there were few hiccups but gradually things changed now the weather is perfect too .
Another dream was to visit Laduree

 for the world famous Macaroons

 I have been to the Singapore branch so had bit of idea but to eat at Laduree in Paris was a totally different experience.As my son loves Chocolate we had to take chocolate flavour along with pistachio ,rose and strawberry flavour.One bite and it was bliss not sugary at all instead could just relish the flavour.

Don't forget to savour this experience whenever you go Paris next .
Where Laduree Champ Elysees
75 Av, des Champs-Elysees, Paris.