Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chicken Yakhami with Middle eastern bread

With just a month left month for India trip I am on a pantry cleanup spree these days ,so that by the last week of next month my pantry is empty so I have resolved not to buy any pantry staples unless there's no legume or lentil.,you guys do the same when you are travelling ,any tips,suggestion for extending the shelf life of the legumes and lentil please share in the comment section .
Coming back to todays post sharing with you all the recipe of Chicken Yakhmi and bread which I prepared few weeks back.Creamy texture of the chicken was balanced well with the middle eastern bread baked in oven.

Recipe Name - Kashmiri Chicken Curry/Murgh Yakhani
Recipe source cookbook
Chicken drumsticks four
cardamom three
clove six
cinnamom one inch in length crushed
fennel dry roasted and ground in blender one tsp
grated ginger one tsp/ginge rpowder  half tsp
curd half cup
garam masala powder one tsp
salt as per taste
oil to cook
heat oil in non stick wok ,once hot lower the flame
add cardamom,clove and cinnamon
after a minute add the chickne drumsticks
keep stirring till 15 minutes till the chicken becomes brown
add salt,fennel powder and grated ginger to the chicken
keep stirring and add hot water and cover and cook
once done add yogurt and garam masala powder
cook further for five minutes
serve warm with rice or bread.

Recipe Name Barbari/Iranian Flat bread
Recipe source cookbook
one cup whole wheat flour
one cup all purpose flour
one tsp salt
yeast two tsp
water to knead the dough
oil for brushing
Mix the yeast and salt in half cup of warm water ,
keep aside for 15 minutes ,
after 15 minutes yeast will be frothy and ready to use

sift the flour in a mixing bowl
add the proofed yeast and mix everything together
till the dough is smooth and elastic
place the dough in a oiled bowl
cover it with cling wrap
and let it rise for 45 mins till it doubles in size
punch down the dough and divide into six equal pieces
shape each piece into rectangle shape
roll it out and place on the prepared baking sheet
make four slashes on the top cover with cling wrap
let it rise for 20 minutes
preheat the oven to 100 degree centigrade
brush the bread with oil and sprinkle sesame seeds
bake for 10 to 15 minutes till pale golden
serve warm.

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