Saturday, July 31, 2010

300th post with ...:-)

When i write today i feel as if its just yesterday i started this small space of mine,but this isnt true  its been almost two years and some 4 months since i started writing :-) now thats a pretty long time i knw ,
with my blog i have grown up too,met some beautiful people,made some lifelong friends and with each post i learned something thats the best part of blogging  so thanks a ton guys for inspiring me ,motivating me to keep this on ,without your support this wouldnt have been possible.
Prepared vision board today

,wrote my dinner plan for today evening which had three options tomato rasam/tomato rice or dal ,rice and fried okra..within few minutes my neighbour calls me up to tell me she has prepared tomato rasam for me,now waht do u call this mere coincidence or law of attraction ;-)
Enough of musing i guess for todays post ,had craving to eat Matar Paneer yesterday night ,didnt had cottage cheese at home so i prepared paneer at home

,have already blogged recipe of Matar Paneer here ,this one is slightly modified version of the same
,i omitted the use of garlic and green chili,
didnt fry cottage cheese before adding to the gravy
didnt add much water as wanted the gravy to semi dried,

Thats all frens,its been a long day today ,wish you all happy weekend ,cee you all soon...