Monday, June 29, 2009

Update -Deadline extended for Shadi ki thali event

I am back from Lucknow with precious memories,everyday was like festival for us,right from the morning,meeting relatives,cousions,and feasting on delicacies prepared everyday,and now when I am back from there I am finding it so difficult to stay here alone with Advay,I guess with time I will adjust,and ya I am missing Pallavi lotz,.:-(
Coming back to todays post I gonna share pics of the mithais prepared during the shadi,these sweets are packed in cane baskets and sent to the grooms house after the bidai ceremony, sweets include Khaja
, Motichoor  ladoo and Balusahi.

Another tradition is to serve   rice with plain curd after the haldi ceremony to the bride and girls of the family.
I couldn’t click much pics as I was busy with so many other things,below pics are of Pallavis Mehendi.
This whole post is my entry for my own event Shadi Ki Thali  ,if u guys have anything to share do publish before 15th of July ya i have extended the deadline from 30th of june to 15th of July.Thats all frens will catch up with your posts soon,delhi weather has gone worse,heat is terrible,and powercut too frequent,Lucknow was the same but with everyone around we were too busy to think about the weather,Lucknow is famous for kababs ,i tried shami kabab,boti and galoti kabab everything was awesome and  papdi chat and kulfi falooda from Moti mahal restaurent yummy it was ,missed eating tundey ka kabab,..:-( maybe next time,both hubby and Advay enjoyed a lot ,specially Advay as there were so many kids of his age to play with him,...i will be back with more pics and recipes soon,..:-)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Announcing Blog break with SOME BREAKFAST Ideas

Tomorrow night  we are leaving for lucknow for Pallavis wedding ,her wedding is on 26th of this month and functions will start from 24th,all our bags are packed with sarees,matching bangles and ya we have decided which dress to wear when,with matching jewellery and everything,so from tomorrow our temporary stay will be in Lucknow till we are back to Delhi,so my blog will be silent for few days till i am back to blogging after the shadi,In todays post i gonna share some breakfast ideas with pics
In the first pic there brown bread toast ,plain omelet,thandai and fresh cherries in mango sauce.
For Fresh Cherries in Mango Sauce - in a serving dish place cherries,add half tsp of cream,mango sauce and top it with any nuts u prefer ,i have used Hazelnuts.
In the second pic its traditional breakfast of Panner parantha,curd,red chili pickle and fresh mango slices.
Third pic is of Changi airport Singapore ,the below pic shows traditional toast and kopi
Fourth pic is of Allo bari ki sabji with urad dal kachodi ,most common breakfast menu in northern india wedding. Kachodi with allo bari sabji ,or any other curry preferably potato or paneer is prepared ,side dish can be jalebi,curd and pickle.
Fifth pic is Brown bread toast with Coffee,perfect for me whenever i feel too lazy to prepare anything.:-)
Event entry
All the five breakfast platter goes to Divyas event Show me your Breakfast.
Fresh Cherries in Mango Sauce goes to Srivallis Mango Mela event.
Thali of Allo bari sabji with Kachodi goes to my own event Shadi ki Thali.
Platter one of thandai,plain omelet,brown bread toast and fresh cherries in mango sauce goes to Srilekha EFM breakfast event 
Urad dal Kachodi goes to Annarasa who is hosting my legume love affair twelfth helping an event started by Susan.
Fresh Cherries in Mango Sauce goes to Mansis space where she is on with Sugar High Friday event theme this month being Fruits and Nuts,event started by Jennifer .
I was on with this post since a long time,but since the day Neha has come,theres no time,daily we are going out shopping ,eating out and having fun.When i come back to this place from Lucknow its gonna be just me and Advay,my training will start from 1st of July so i goona be really busy travelling to Gurgaon everyday,managing home and Advay.Dont know how i gonna manage,..;-(i guess this is not the time to crib about all this,..:-)
Chalo cee u guys after the wedding,,..gotta check the final packin,missed reading ur posts will catch up with them soon,..bye then,...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Malaidar chicken curry aam chutney ke sath with Coconut icecream with mango sauce

In my last post I had mentioned about something special which I had prepared  for my cousins who had come to visit us, they are very fond of chicken I thought of preparing chicken curry for them.Thought of going through tried and tasted recipes in my blog,but then thought of experimenting with the ingredients around,I had cream in fridge so thought of experimenting with cream and chicken
Chicken Malaidar
Ingredient needed
Chicken one kg
 Onion four chopped
Tomato two copped
Green chili one chopped
Ginger garlic paste one tbsp
Cumin seeds one tsp
Green cardamom crushed two
Salt as per taste
Oil to cook
Cream half cup
Garam masala powder one tsp
Mixture of half tsp each of red chili ,coriander and turmeric powder.
In a clean bowl mix chicken with cream,Ginger garlic paste , mixture of masalas and crushed cardamom.
Keep aside,
Step 1
In a non stick wok heat one tbsp of oil
Once the oil is hot add cumin seeds
Followed by chopped onion and green chili
Keep frying till onions are semi brown .
Step 2
Now add chopped tomatoes and salt
Mix well on low flame ad scrape ff from the sides.
Once oil is seen along the sides
Step 3
Add marinated chicken to the wok
And mix well with the tomato onion mixture.
Keep stirring cover and cook on low flame for few minutes.
Step 4
Remove from flame and serve hot with chapatti or rice
Add few drops of cream before serving.
Served with chapati,aam chutney and sirke wala pyaz.
For Keri ni Chutney(from my parsi cookbook)
Ingredient needed
Raw mango peeled and chopped one
Green chili one deseeded
Chopped ginger one tbsp
Chopped garlic one tbsp
Grated coconut two tbsp
Coriander leaves half cup
Salt as per taste
Grind all the ingredients till soft.
Serve with dal chawal or sabji roti.
For dessert I had prepared Coconut icecream with mango sauce from my icecream book
Here goes the recipe of it
Ingredient needed
150gm grated coconut or coconut milk
cornflour one tbsp
egg yolk four
milk 600ml
caster sugar 115gm
cream 300ml
almond essence one tsp
Ingredient needed for the sauce
Ripe mango one
Sugar 2tbsp(I didnt add)
Lemon juice one tbsp
Orange juice 4 tbsp
Step 1
Beat the egg yolk,sugar cornflour,almond essence,and one tbsp of milk.
Step 2
Prepare coconut milk of the grated coconut by running it in blender with 300 ml milk
Step 3
Pour the fresh coconut milk into heavy saucepan and stir in the rest of the milk.Bring the milk almost to a boil.
Step 4
Pour the milk over the egg yolks whisking constantly.Return the mixture to the pan and cook very gently ,stirring until thickened.
Step 5
Pour the custard into a bowl and cover it with greaseproof paper and leave to cool.
Step 6
Transfer into a freezer container and freeze for 3-4 hours,beating twice as it thickens.
For the sauce
Remove the stone from the mango  and put it in the food processor
Add the sugar,lemon juice and orange juice and process until smooth.
Pour it into a small jug and chill.
Serving suggestion
To serve,scoop the prepared ice cream into serving dish.
Add mango sauce and serve immediately.
Event entry
Malaiwala chicken curry goes to Vikis Potluck event
Coconut ice cream with mango sauce and aam chutney goes to Srivallis Mango mela.
Parents are joining us tomorrow morning ,neha my younger sis will be reaching delhi tomorrow midnight,nayani my cousion is here so from tomorrow its gonna be more fun,btw i have already packed my suitcase ,done with most of the shadi preparation,and ya before i forget today is our third marraige anniversary,..havent planned anything special maybe all three of us uhh sorry including Advay four we will dine out,..:-)chalo tk cre cee u guys soon,....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moong dal chilla aam ke achar ke sath

These days as the heat is really on in Delhi ,most of the days i am skipping lunch and surviving on heavy breakfast some snack in between or juice followed by again dinner in the night cant help it weather is like that just don't feel like eating or cooking elaborate meal,..but since June is marriage time  and there are frequent relatives and friends coming down every second day there is always excuse there to prepare a spread,..:-) and ya i did prepare something nice for my cousins which i will be posting soon,..:-)
Coming back to today's post i will be sharing pic of breakfast platter
prepared by Pallavi on Sunday morning,she was asking me  from a long time how to prepare Hari moong chila but i didn't had any clue of the recipe...finally she searched on net and prepared it from Ashwinis blog Food for Thought.
She prepared it the same way,she didn't add green peas and to make the batter workable she added one tsp of gram flour to the batter mix.Tired after coming back from Singapore this was a perfect treat fro me, there in Singapore i was really craving for simple home cooked food,..
She served chilla with aam achar,tamarind chutney,mixed fruit juice and mango slice.This plate was heaven for me specially after consuming junk food and all for a continuous week .
Mil prepared aam pickle and sent full jar of it from Agra
Recipe of Mango pickle as told by mil
ingredient needed
salt as per taste
red chili powder one tsp
asafoetida half tsp
green mango peeled and stone removed 150gm
make thin slice of the mango
mix everything together and keep in oven vessel
cover it with wheat flour strainer also known as chalni
keep the pickle in sun for 8 to 10 days
keep mixing everyday.
Pickle will be ready once the mangoes become tender.
This pickle goes well with dal chawal and khichdi.
Just two weeks left for the wedding ,neha my younger sis will be coming this weekend so soon all three of us will be together,...umm days can be counted now ,..i am excited but sad too,...gonna miss Pallavi lotz,...:-( anyways that's what life is,...oops sorry,,,i got carried away,.:-)
event entry
Breakfast platter pic goes to Divyas event Show me your breakfast where she is asking us to submit breakfast pic,..
Mango pickle goes to Mela Queen Srivalli for her yummylicious Mango Mela event
Moong dal chilla goes to My legume love affair twelfth helping event hosted by Annarasa an event started by Susan of well seasoned cook.
and this whole post goes to Srilekhas EFM Breakfast event.
mmmm i cam smell rain,,..i think todays dinner gonna be chicken biryani, Nayani my cousion is asking me to prepare for her,..and the weather i s perfect now,..:-) chalo cee u all soon,..

Monday, June 08, 2009

Parsi style chicken biryani and an experience to share,..:-)

I know its been almost more than a week since I was away from blogging,reason being my short trip to Singapore, ,I am back all with lotz of good memories and experiences,one such experience is of traveling with Advay alone for the first time.

Guys how u all manage traveling with kids alone,I really had an experience this time ,as there was ample time for boarding I thought of taking Advay to Butterfly park in terminal three of Changi aiport,on the way to the park I saw childrens play area,so thought maybe I should let him play there for some time I never thought that he wont come out of the play area easily ,when there was time for boarding the flight 

had to pull him out of the airport play area ,I really thought I gonna miss the flight as Advay was not ready to come out of the airport play area ,he used to slide from his buggy and from my lap too and after pulling him out for umpteenth time,I almost gave up,..but thanks to a saleswoman at the airport she managed for help for me at the terminal ,she asked someone to push the trolley for me so that I could manage Advay alone ,which was difficult again as he was not sitting on the luggage trolley, finally had to distract him with chocolates and thanks god I was able to board the flight on time

What a day it was and what a experience, when I have to travel alone with Advay I have to think twice,.;-)

Coming back to this post,today I gonna share recipe of Parsi style chicken biryani which I prepared from Parsi cook book.

Something again new for me ya preparation is elaborate but the end result is too good,..infact as soon as I finished preparing the biryani,I didn’t wait to prepare any side dish had it alone and ya it was delicious,…

Ingredient needed

Chicken 1 kg

Ginger garlic paste two tsp

300gm basmati rice

onion four

potato four

tomato three

curd 200gm

kashmiri chilies 10

peppercorns 10

cinnamon stick 2 inch

cloves three

mace powder half teaspoon

shahjeera powder half teaspoon

cashewnuts fried 100gm

boiled egg optional

salt to taste

ghee to cook

saffron strands


1) Marinate chicken with salt and ginger garlic paste and keep aside.

2) Make coarse mixture of red chillies,peppercorns,cloves and cinnamon.Mix in curd and pour the spices mixture on the chicken cover and keep aside for two hrs.

3) Thinly slice two onions and fry in the ghee till crisp.

4) Chop the potatoes into eight pieces each, salt them and fry them in the same ghee.Keep aside.

5) Prepare rice the usual way but with less water.


Step 1

Chop the other two onions and fry in the leftover ghee.

Add chopped tomatoes to the browned onions.

Keep frying till the gravy thickens

Step 2

Add the marinated chicken to the gravy and cook over medium heat

Add mace and shahjeera powder and mix well

Add two cups of water and cook over slow heat till tender.

Step 3

In a deep large mouthed vessel spread an alternate layer of rice,fried onion

Fried potato and chicken till both rice and chicken are used up

With the help of knife bore hole from top of the rice to the bottom of the vessel.

And pour in the remainder gravy.

Add saffron strands soaked in water the same way as above

Step 4

Cook on low heat for one hr till done.

Serve decorated with fried cashewnuts and boiled egg.

Thats all frens,..cee u all soon,...:-)and ya will catch up with ur yummy posts soon,...till thn tk cre,..:-)