Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dinner of Onam sadya dishes with pics of palawan beach

now busy clearing almirahs,..
dont know what i am talking about na :-),,,friends i am moving back to India forever on 15th of october,so since past few days i have been really busy doing packing and other things,
after spending two yr three months in Singapore which is worlds safest place,going back to Delhi ncr gives me goosebumps specially after the recent bomb blast which took place in delhi markets,but then this is something which has no solution,,,for few days after the blasts i was really depressed,but i know the more i think ,the more depressed i gonna be,..and i think a lot when i am not doing anything, way is to keep myself busy so that i dont think negative things,..:-) ,after tiring myself by doing packing whole day, is something which i look forward to destress myself ,ya ,cooking acts like therapy for me specially these days when i am busy with packing and all..all i want is hot dal chawal with subji, such tiring day i felt like trying Onam sadya dishes
,and trust me what a meal it was ,i tried sothi which is lightly spiced coconut soup
ingredients for sothi -
onion chopped one
green chilli sliced two
curry leaves few
salt to taste
oil to cook
half cup thickcoconut milk
four cup thin coconut milk
tomato one chopped
pinch of turmeric powder
pinch of cumin powder
one teaspoon each of fenugreek and mustard seed
half tsp each of cumin and fennel seeds
crushed dried red chilli two
heat oil in wok
fry fenugreek,mustard,cumin and fennel seeds along with red chilli,
further add chopped onions,green chillies and curry leaves,frytill onions turn translucent
add thin coconut milk,chopped tomatoes,cumin and turmeric powder followed by salt
boil for 10 to 15 minutes
add thick coconut milk and boil further for five minutes.
serve hot .
which is ,potato podimas -spiced mashed potato
from Sukanyas blog and tomato rasam, injithair -ginger in curd
,dryfruit kesari here,i am not good in preparing halwa , asked hubby to prepare for which he agreed,to enjoy the meal in traditional way had on banana leaf,i was not sure whether i would get banana leaf in the nearby grocery shop,..but when hubby returned with banana leaves i was realy happy,..
have captured some pics of southernmost point of Asia when we went sentosa last pic,..enjoy the pics,.i will be regularly posting pics of some of my favourite places in Singapore in my forthcoming posts,..Palawan beach of Sentosa resort is one of them,,,

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