Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bitter gourd recipes form my moms kitchen

what a day, tiring,...really busy day,..had an early day today,..and was bsy till seven in the evening,,finally at seven relaxed for some time before preparing the roti,...
morning started with hot tea and painting which i did till 11 , good news about my sis new job of cnbc tv18...felt happy for her, this is something she has never done ,,..reporting and thn she will be coming live on tv,..
stoped my painting as my son got up...after that cooking,household chores started,..which went on till evening,...started with karela,thn dal,kneaded the dough for roti,..prepared salad which my hubby didnt like for mustard dressing,anyways,...prepared soud,,which we had with buttered toast,..and it was seven in the evening,,,i was drop dead tired..
told my hubby to take care of baby and curld myself on sofa,..couldnt sleep much as, son was playing,..anyways needed to charge myself as i had to work on the tshirts,,cause deadline is near by...god i need 30 hrs of day....
nd now i am waiting for the shirt to dry so that i can continue,,,,with the apinting and as i don wan to waste time i am updating my blog,...god i am so busy,....guys,,will update the recipe tomorrow as i have to paint the tshirt now,...
god bless me,..

here comes the recipe...
kareal bharva dhagewala

4 karelas slit and scoop out the seeds,keep aside


onion three chopped
garlic three chopped
green chilli two chopped
mix all the masalas one tsp each of red chili,amchur,salt, coriander and garam masala
lemon juice one tbsp
oil two tbsp
cotton thread


fry the onion ,garlic and chili till thy change colour
keep aside to cool down


fill in the karela with help of spoon


tied with help of thread so that its sealed properly


heat oil

place the karela in pan and cover and cook


keep turning so that its cooked from all the sides

karela crispy lemony fry


bittergourd 6 chopped in circle shape

red chilli 1tsp

amchur 1 tsp
salt to taste
lemon juice 2 tbsp


after chopping the bittergourd rub turmeric and salt and keep aside for one hour
after one hr heat oil in wok


fry the karela( not deep frying )


sprikle salt, amchur,chilli powder and lemon juice

serve hot with rice and dal

khasta roti

wheatflour one and half cup
semolina one cup
salt to taste
carom seeds one tsp
oil 2tsp
ghee 2tbsp


make dough by mixing all ingredients except ghee
roll out roti nad bake them in oven or grill
smear with ghee and serve hot