Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Celebration at Peters Home

Mary counted the coins she had got in her coin box,she had counted twice ,this was the third  time she was counting,she had some nine dollars and fifty cents in her coin box thats it,tonight  being christmas eve she had managed to sell almost all of Santa hat and Chirstmas decorations ,but still money was not enough to get the  rest of the ingredients  for the  cake,which she had promised she would bake for her son .She knew at home her son must be waiting anxiously for her to come and bake the cake.Since past few weeks she had been collecting money to bake cake,she had got half ingredients but still she needed so many other things for the Christmas cake.Mary clutched her battered coat together to feel warm and walked slowly towards her house.
As soon as Mary left for her shop in the noon, Peter Mary's 12 year old son,took out the tiny bit of paper which he had kept in his notebook.He had asked his teacher for simple cookie recipe which he wanted to bake for his mother.He knew how hard his mother was working for him ,to take care of him .Morning she was working in  flower shop  and evening   in another  gift shop.He wanted to do something special for her,something which would make this Christmas eve  special for her.Since his fathers death his mother was everything for him.His teacher had explained him the recipe,with his small fingers he mixed everything in a bowl ,kneaded soft dough  and kept the dough  in the fridge to chill.He knew his mother wont be back till evening.Patiently he waited for an hour,then he preheated the oven his father had gifted his mother on her birthday,and with small cookie cutter which he had got from the near by shop shaped the cookies,it was not easy for him but he didnt give up,once done he kept the cookies for baking.

Peter cleaned the small table they had in their kitchen ,took out white bedsheet to spread,kept some old christmas ornaments  and burnt some candles to make the place look warm and cosy.He also prepared his mothers favourite coffee
When Mary reached home all she could see was some candles through the window,thinking she must have forgotten to pay the bill,she slowly knocked the door.Peter tells her about some wire break and guides her in with candle in his hand.
Peter : "Mamma u got the cake ingredients , but now we wont be able to bake."
Merry: " no son all the shops were closed,dont worry i will get the rest of the ingredients tomorrow."
Peter slowly takes the veil of from the table

Mary sees platter of cookies with warm mug of coffee
Peter:"Mamma I asked you to bake cake for me ,as i wanted to bake cookies with the ingredients which you had got ,wish you Merry Christmas Mamma."
Mary : "I was so upset thanks for making my day son,wish you Merry Christmas  too."

Christmas Sugar Cookies recipe adapted from here
Baking temperature 100 degree centigrade
baking time 3 to 4 mins
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