Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lauki Curry from my moms kitchen

Its been ages since i have blogged  ,sorry guys for exagerating i know its just  been few days since i last blogged ,..:-) my younger sis is here for few days so i am really busy showing her around ,..and  ya theres one good news too which i want to share with you all  ,..huh finally i can have some time off,..Advays school has started from today, while dropping him to school bus i felt as if its my first day of school, i expected him to cry but he happily climbed the stairs of the bus and setteled himself,while waiting for him noon time i expected him to look  tired  but he was all smile and gladly told me what all he did in his school,which included activities like eating his tiffin,and saying bye to airplane,unlike us where we had to carry our books to school everyday ,his stationary will be in school and he has to just carry his bag with tiffin isnt that cool,..thats all :-) cooking wise no much cooking ,sharing with you all simple recipe of Lauki/Bottlegourd Curry which i keep asking from my mom whenever i have to prepare so this time when i asked i had to blog it for my own refrence:-)
Recipe Name Bottlegourd/Lauki Curry
Recipe source my mom
Preparation time 10 mins
Cooking time 20 to 30 mins
Bottlegourd/Lauki one peeled and chopped in cube shape
potato peeled and chopped
onion two sliced
tomato one cubed
grated ginger and garlic one tsp
green chili sliced two
salt as per taste
oil to cook
black pepper two
clove two
dried red chili one
bay leave one
cumin seeds half tsp
turmeric powder pinch

garam masala powder one tsp
In a pressure cooker heat one tbsp of oil
once hot lower the flame and add cumin seeds,clove ,black pepper,dried red chili and bay leave
once it starts spluttering add onion followed by garlic,ginger and green chili
once the onions turn half mushy add chopped tomatoes ,salt and turmeric powder
fry further for a minute or two and add potatoes followed by bottlegourd
fry till everything mixes together
add requiered amount of water and let it simmer for a minute
sprinkle garam masala powder and pressure cook for one to two whistles.
Serve hot with rice and pickle.
Thats all frens,cee u all soon,..;-)