Thursday, July 07, 2011

Cooking for Advay - Stir fried Noodles with Prawns

As Advay is fond of noodles and pasta  i keep experimenting with different ingredients.Prepared this platter last week paired it fried egg ,this is how i did

Recipe name stir fried noodles with prawns
Noodles one pack
onion one sliced
capsicum one sliced
salt as per taste
oil to cook
black pepper one fourth tsp
maggi chili sauce two tbsp
shrimp 200gm
boil the noodles till al dente ,drain and keep aside
devein shrimp and keep aside.
heat oil in non stick wok
lower the flame add sliced onion
keep stirring till onion starts changing colour
add salt,pepper ,followed by capsicum
keep stirring once capsicum becomes mushy
add maggi chili sauce and shrimp
fry for two to three minutes till the shrimps are done
add drained noodles fry further for two to three mins
serve warm with fried egg on the side.
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