Monday, June 22, 2009

Announcing Blog break with SOME BREAKFAST Ideas

Tomorrow night  we are leaving for lucknow for Pallavis wedding ,her wedding is on 26th of this month and functions will start from 24th,all our bags are packed with sarees,matching bangles and ya we have decided which dress to wear when,with matching jewellery and everything,so from tomorrow our temporary stay will be in Lucknow till we are back to Delhi,so my blog will be silent for few days till i am back to blogging after the shadi,In todays post i gonna share some breakfast ideas with pics
In the first pic there brown bread toast ,plain omelet,thandai and fresh cherries in mango sauce.
For Fresh Cherries in Mango Sauce - in a serving dish place cherries,add half tsp of cream,mango sauce and top it with any nuts u prefer ,i have used Hazelnuts.
In the second pic its traditional breakfast of Panner parantha,curd,red chili pickle and fresh mango slices.
Third pic is of Changi airport Singapore ,the below pic shows traditional toast and kopi
Fourth pic is of Allo bari ki sabji with urad dal kachodi ,most common breakfast menu in northern india wedding. Kachodi with allo bari sabji ,or any other curry preferably potato or paneer is prepared ,side dish can be jalebi,curd and pickle.
Fifth pic is Brown bread toast with Coffee,perfect for me whenever i feel too lazy to prepare anything.:-)
Event entry
All the five breakfast platter goes to Divyas event Show me your Breakfast.
Fresh Cherries in Mango Sauce goes to Srivallis Mango Mela event.
Thali of Allo bari sabji with Kachodi goes to my own event Shadi ki Thali.
Platter one of thandai,plain omelet,brown bread toast and fresh cherries in mango sauce goes to Srilekha EFM breakfast event 
Urad dal Kachodi goes to Annarasa who is hosting my legume love affair twelfth helping an event started by Susan.
Fresh Cherries in Mango Sauce goes to Mansis space where she is on with Sugar High Friday event theme this month being Fruits and Nuts,event started by Jennifer .
I was on with this post since a long time,but since the day Neha has come,theres no time,daily we are going out shopping ,eating out and having fun.When i come back to this place from Lucknow its gonna be just me and Advay,my training will start from 1st of July so i goona be really busy travelling to Gurgaon everyday,managing home and Advay.Dont know how i gonna manage,..;-(i guess this is not the time to crib about all this,..:-)
Chalo cee u guys after the wedding,,..gotta check the final packin,missed reading ur posts will catch up with them soon,..bye then,...