Wednesday, April 08, 2015

sorry for weighing you down with my expectations - open letter 14 for Advay

Dear Advay ,
Last week I attended the class assembly in your school. One day before I had asked you whether you doing something or not and you told me its going to be a surprise .When the assembly started I saw you running around managing the stage ,helping your friends and moving chair and other things you were quiet involved in everything .I was amazed because at home if I ask you to help me just to make you a bit responsible your answer is very rare yes so yes I really felt good that at school you are a responsible boy . You know what I used to wonder why your teachers praise you so much whenever there's a parents teachers meet know after seeing your behaviour in school I know what they were trying to convey me .I feel maybe I am too hard on you maybe later you wont be the same and I should just let you be the kid which you are as your fathers says "you are just a kid." So sorry for putting the weight of my expectation on you this wont happen again ,

Sharing a pic of the books which you reading now & ya now I know from where you learn all such weird expressions ,keep reading son
Lots of love