Tuesday, May 06, 2008


hi friends..rci gujarat is hosted by lakshmi of tasteofmysore nd cookingstation..whereas rci rajasthan is hosted by some other blogger...earlier rci started by lakshmi was just for singapore women but now entries are welcome from international bloggers too,..rci kashmir and rci punjab are already over..you can view the round up here for this month i am guest host for rci hosted by my friend ,..and the theme for this month is GUJARATI,..the details i have already posted in my round up post,..so friends i hope i have sorted the confusion ,..waiting for fabulous entries from you all...for RCI GUJARAT

From my moms kitchen- Urad kachodi

i am sending this recipe for roti mela hosted by srivalli


khasta kachodi reminds me of so many things...i remember back in our schooldays most of the Sundays we used to eat hot jalebis,kachodis and curd,..most of the time during summer vacations..all the cousions used to come for vacations,,playing cards ludo and other childish game we used to spend our day...and sunday morning used to be lazy one,..we used to wake up late and were greeted with hot jalebi and kachodis..really miss those days..now all the cousions are grown up,..some are married ..some in college ,..and some working,..now no one comes for the vacation,...with time everybody has moved on,..but now also when i go to my home town,,my father gets jalebi,kachodi from the same sweet shop,..feel like going back again,..but back here whenever i used to feel like eating kachodi ,.i used to prepare my mothers recipe of kachodi..recipe was told to me on Skye...


for the filling

one cup soaked urad dal
ginger grated one tablespoon
salt to taste
garam masala,one teaspoon
red chilli one teaspooon

for the dough

wheat flour one cup
ghee one teaspoon

knead the dough with help of ghee and water ,keep aside


grind the soaked urad dal..in coarse state dont make it paste
mix ginger,garam masala,salt and red chilli


fry to dry the water,keep aside


with help of rolling pin make 2inch thick puri add the urad filling


bring all the corners in the center


roll out and put less pressure on the filled side


slide tha kachodi in heated oil in wok


slow the burner
keep turning till its brown from both sides
serve hot with pickle,or vegetable curry.


Announcement of Rci Gujarat and Mussel Pasta

Hi friends due to some reason my friend lakshmis feeds are not coming in toi..she has announced the round up of RCI PUNJAB today which can be viewed here and for this month the theme is GUJARATI and she has asked me to host it, thanks lakshmi will try my best to host it to your expectations,, , the detail are as follows

1. Blog a Gujarati dish or if you have one in your blog you can send the link and the picture
2. Size of the photo :320x240
3. Send in your entries by 31st May.
4. Mail in your entries to pranks25@gmail.com
5. Non bloggers please send your recipe and photo.

so friends looking forward for your enteries..and varieties of dhokla,thepla and shreekhand.

today i experimented with macroni and mussel and created this recipe...easy to cook without any fuss it surely beats the hunger pangs when you are in hurry ,hungry and dont have much time to cook,..so without wasting any time let me tell u the ingredients and procedure

ingredient for one person ( u can alter the quantity according to your need )

one handful of macroni ,.i microwaved macroni for 6 minutes
in those six minutes i chopped onion and took out the mussel from salt water
vegans can substitute mussel with mushroom or cottage cheese
crushed pepper half teaspoon
salt to taste
tabasco garlic pepper sauce one teaspoon
mussel three kept in salt water for half an hour

heat half teaspoon oil in nonstick pan
add chopped onions,crushed pepper and salt
once onions turn brown add boiled macroni followed by mussels



put tabasco sauce and fry further for two minutes

serve hot ;-)