Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Janmashtami 2013 - Charnamrit for Bhog

While having lunch with my friend I got nostalgic reminiscing about Janmashtami Celebration

some two decade back ,we got sad that our children wont be able to enjoy the festival the way we did ,
yesterday morning I just asked Advay you know which gods birthday is today ? his prompt reply was Krishna ,I asked him who told you this and he said I guessed .

When we were kids there was no guessing game we would wait for this festival like anything ,would go to market and get Krishna miniature toys ,colour sand and sawdust to make road ,garden and do so many other things with help of father ,uncle and Dadi ,with all stock ready we would start with the decoration early in the morning which would go on till evening and amidst all this would be treated to the fasting delicacies prepared in the kitchen by our mom and aunts.

Advays knows Krishna story ,he loves to listen to his tales specially the one where he steals butter from the hanging pot but what we have seen ,the way we enjoyed the festival specially this one he would never feel it.

So when I asked my friend what to prepare for bhog she told me she will be preparing Charnamrit .I had never prepared this at home so asked her the ingredients to be mixed and prepared the same for the bhog.
the above pictures were sent by my sisters 

Recipe name Charnamrit
recipe source friend
milk one cup
curd   one cup
honey one tbsp
gangajal/ganges water
ghee one fourth tbsp
chopped dry fruits cashew ,pistachio/almond ,lotus seed two tbsp
few strands of tulsi leaves
mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl.
keep aside for half an hour .
serve in small bowls after the pooja .

the below pics are of my neighbours Janmashtami Celebration

glimpse of naivedham prepared by her

and some more
wish you all happy festive week ahead
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