Friday, May 08, 2009

Tangy green salad and Tricolour pasta with chicken

I guess god heard my cribbings about the the hot weather,weather is bit normal now with more of clouds and less of heat,sudden downpour brought the temerature down which is good relief for us ;-)
In todays post i will be sharing simple salad recipe which i prepared with left over Dhania alloo.
Ingredeint needed
Leftover Dhania alloo two tbsp
chopped cucumber one
home made cottage cheese two tbsp (crushed )
Mix all the ingredient together in a mixing bowl.
Serve chilled.
Power cut in delhi is too frequent these days,u never know when u will have to cook in dark kitchen with just candles ,same thing happened to me few days back , i was about to start preparing dinner when suddnely i was surrounded in darkness,with just me and Advay around and inverter battery exausted i somehow managed for matchbox and lighted candles.It was already 8pm had an hour to prepare dinner as Pallavi reaches home by 9pm,..this is wht i prepared in Candlenight with whatever was there in fridge and pantry.
Chicken Pasta with Pink pepper
ingredient needed
Tricolour pasta one cup
 salt as per taste
 pepper as per taste
boiled chicken 150gm
onion one chopped lengthwise
garlic two clove chopped lengthwise
pink pepper half tsp
italian dressing half tsp.
Olive oil one tbsp
Prepare the chicken by separating chicken from the bone,with help of knife make thin stripes.Keep aside.
Prepare Pasta by boling in water,drain and keep aside.
Heat oil in non stick wok,add chopped onion and garlic and keep frying till onions start changing their colour.
Now add boiled chicken and fry further for two minutes followed by addition of salt and pepper.
Once the mixture looks done add boiled pasta followed by italian dressing and pink pepper .
Mix well and serve warm.
event entry
Tangy green salad goes to SWC green event hosted by my friend Sowmya of Creative Saga and started by Lakshmi of taste of mysore. 
Poornima of tasty treats is on with My Favourite things event theme being this month Cheese event started by Bindiya of In luv with food.  
Tangy green salad which is meal in itself also goes to Wyf QUICK Meal event hosted by Ec.
Thats all frens i will be back soon,...u guys take care ,..:-)