Monday, May 18, 2009

Tangy Appe huli from Deeshas kitchen with plain rice and Jeera alloo

When I saw Appe huli
at Deeshas place,I couldn’t stop drooling over looking at the pic,new for me, I thought of giving the recipe a try,and I am so happy I tried the recipe,thanks a ton Deesha for sharing such yummy recipe,I enjoyed Appe huli with plain rice,jeera alloo and fresh mango slice.

For Jeera alloo -
ingredient needed
chopped potato two
cumin seeds half tsp
oil one tsp
salt as per taste
red chili powder half tsp
turmeric powder half tsp
heat oil in non stick wok
add cumin seeds once they start spluttering
add chopped potatoes and keep frying till potatoes become soft
sprinkle in salt,red chili and turmeric powder
and cover and cook on low flame for a  minute or two till potatoes become tender.
serve hot with plain rice and appe huli.
This platter is perfect comfort food for me so this plate is off for Truptis event Comfort food for illness,apart from this plate i am also sending Dal chawal,Tehari and Khichdi for her event. 
Neha of easy and tasty recipes is on with MBP Mango masti event started by Coffee of the spice cafe ,Appe huli from Deeshas space is off for her event.
Have a happy week frens,cee u all soon,..;-)