Thursday, March 12, 2009

Holi ki mubarakbad pakwano ke saath,.......:-)

Wish u all Happy Holi 2009
In North India Holi Celebration starts one month before the festival by preparing Chips,papads,mathri,nimki at home,bulk amount is prepared and distributed to friends and relatives. Gujhia which is the traditional sweet of Holi is prepared two days before the festival and ya fresh ones are prepared to offer to god on the festival day.Recipe of Gujhia i have blogged in my last years post here goes the pictorial
of the Ghujia which me and hubby prepared this year,along with Ghujia Thekua
is must sweet dish prepared in our kitchen on holi day ,Thekua goes well with Red chili pickle or can be eaten alone too .To prepare Thekua mix half kg whloe wheat flour and 250gm all purpose flour ,sugar 250 gm or as per taste,half tsp baking powder ,finely chopped almond,raisin,cashewnut,grounded green cardamom.In another vessel boil 2 ltr milk and let it thicken ,once done cool the thickened milk and mix it to the flour mixture .Keep the milk and flour mixture for two hrs before preparing thekua,after two hours heat oil in non stick wok and once the oil is hot ,prepare thekua by the same way wada is prepared i mean same wet hand technique,have blogged the recipe for wada here,slide the thekua once oil is hot  into the oil and lower the flame ,keep turning the thekua till it becomes brown from both side,drain on kitchen towel and serve with red chili pickle.
Priti of Indian Khana asked me recipe of Bharwa Lal Mirch ka Aachar ingredient needed for Red chili pickle 2kg red chili ,50 gm cumin seeds,50gm onion seeds,50 gm ajwain ,50gm fennel ,2 tsp fenugreek seeds,250 gm yellow mustard seeds ,250 gm dry mango,salt as per taste,turmeric powder two tsp,100gm coriander seeds,asafoetida a pinch,mustard oil 200gm.Procedure-Wash and dry Red Chili in sun for three days ,dry roast cumin,ajwain,fennel,onion seeds,fenugreek ,coriander seeds,to the dry roasted ingredient add grounded mustard powder and dry mango powder ,in another vessel mix this masala mixture with asafoetida,turmeric powder and salt .Slit the red chillies with help of scissors,scoop out the seeds and mix in the prepared masala,followed by mustard oil,with help of clean sterile stick push in the masala mixture into the red chillies ,to preserve the pickle in clean and sterile jar dip each pickled chilli in mustard oil and place in the jar ,whatever oil is left fill in the jar,shake well.Bharwa Lal Mirch ka Achar is ready to use.
Holi Special Snacks Platter which has Ghujia,Thekua,Mathri already blogged ,Nimki and Red Chili Pickle .
To prepare Nimki knead dough same way as done for mathri,roll out with help of rolling pin,cut in one direction and then cut in opposite direction resulting in diagonal shaped NIMKI,shallow fry and serve hot with tea or coffee.
Our holi dinner was of Urad Kachodi,Malpua,kathal sabji,Dahi wada,colurful salad in red wine vinegar dressing ya we washed it all down with another Holi delicacy Thandai :-)
Recipe of Urad Kachodi
is already blogged here,Dahi wada is blogged here and have already shared recipe of Malpua in my last yrs Holi post.
For Raw Jackfruit Curry ingredient needed -raw jackfruit chopped one kg,onion paste of three onions,onion chopped lenghtwise three,garlic cloves 12 chopped,ginger one inch chopped,potato cubed three,green cardamom,four,black cardamom three,cloves six,bay leaves crushed two,salt as per taste,oil to cook,mixture of one tsp each of coriander,turmeric and red chilli powder ,mix and keep aside and one tsp garam masala powder.
Procedure- Heat half tsp oil in non stick wok ,once oil is hot add crushed bay leaves ,followed by onions and fry potatoes and jackfruit,once half done remove from falme and keep aside.In the same wok heat half tsp more oil and once the oil is hot ,lower the flame and add green cardamom,black cardamom,clove and onc ethey start spluttering add onion ,ginger-garlic paste and keep frying till paste starts changing colour,once half done add the masla mixture followed by salt and fry further till oil is seed along the sides,now add already fried jackfruit and potato mixture ,fry for a minute or two and transfer to pressure cooker ,add require amount ofwater and and pressure cook for two whistles.Serve hot with rice or Kachodis.
For the Colourful Salad in Red wine Vinegar dressing
- mix chopped carrot,cabbage,low fat cottage cheese ,fresh parsley leaf ,lettuce leaf together ,add the vinegar and toss well,
I prepared thandai from Haldirams thandai mixture just add two tbsp of thandai mixture in chilled milk and serve garnished with chopped almonds.Another look at the DINNER Platter :-)
This whole post is off for Priti and Purvas event Festive Food  theme this month being Holi hosted by Purva.
Urad Kachodi  and Dahi WADA are off for Lentil Mela hosted by Ashwini of spicy cuisine and Urad Kachodi goes to JFI wheat hosted by Romaspace and started by Indira of Mahanandi.
Mathri,Nimki,Thekua,Thandai,Salad are off for Recipe for the rest of us event theme this month being Picnic eat started by Ramki of one page cook book and hosted by Trupti of Recipe Center.
Gujhia and Thekua are off for Lets go nuts Almonds Event hosted this month by Jz of Tasty treats and started by Aquadaze.
Mathri,Nimki,Thekua,Gujhia,Red Chili Pickle and Urad Kachodi add flavour to Lakshmis SWC Meal on wheel,...
I guess thats lotz for one post,..enjoy the feast and festival,..will catch u all soon,..till thn take care,...hppy bloggin,..:-)