Tuesday, July 30, 2019

phalahari aloo tikiya with chutney

every time my mother asks me did you apply henna a poem starts burning in my mind i think this is what memories does to me and now i have two poems on henna but this post is not about henna its about sawan month and the monday fasting.
yesterday i cooked phalahari aloo tikiya and paired it with dhania chutney
i mixed crumbled cottage cheese also in it for texture perfect with a glass of lassi on a lazy day
for aloo tikiya
in a mixing bowl mix two boiled potato with 100 gm go paneer half tsp of  red chilli powder and one tbsp of chopped coriander followed by pink salt as per taste
shape them in the form of patties and pan fry till brown from both sides
serve warm with chutney

phalahari aloo tikiya 

for chutney
in a blender add chopped coriander leaves one green chili one fourth tbsp ginger and pink salk as water as per required for blending.