Tuesday, February 05, 2013

and thus I prepared Nakli Anda

me - "I gonna preparae Nakli Aanda."
hubby -" u wont be able to."
me - "u know about it?"
hubby -"ya it would be difficult for you."
me-" whats difficult in it.?"
hubby-" leave it ,you cant do it."
Next day while chatting with my mother on skype
me- " is the recipe of Nakli Aanda very difficult?"
mother -" no who said so?"
me -" hubby ,he told i wont be able to prepare it."
mother -" no you can do it"
me with a sigh - "okay tell me the recipe,...."
mother -" prepare ,...
thus I followed the recipe as told by my mother and prepared Nakli Aanda just the way it was prepared at my Nani's home whenever we visited her.

Recipe name Nakli Anda/Rice flour dumpling stuffed with spiced gramflour
Recipe source Nani
Preparation time 30 mins 
Cooking time 30 MINS
yield eight anda/fried dumplings
Rice flour one cup
gramflour half cup
salt as per taste
oil to cook
half tsp each of coriander,cumin,turmeric and red chili powder
garam masala powder half tsp optional .
Preparation no 1 
Dissolve rice flour in one cup of water ,so that there's no lump
add more water if needed ,half tsp of oil and pinch of salt
heat non stick wok and pour the rice flour mixture
keep stirring till the water is absorbed and smooth dough is formed
remove from the flame and keep aside.

Preparation no. 2
dissolve gram flour in two tbsp of water ,half tsp of oil and salt as per taste
add the powdered masala mentioned above and mix to form a smooth paste
add more water if needed .
heat non stick wok and pour the gramflour mixture
keep stirring till the water is absorbed and smooth mix is formed
remove from flame and keep aside.

Grease pam and take lemon size dough from the rice flour dough
flatten it and keep aside,
make a marble shaped ball of the gramflour mixture
place it on the flattened rice flour dough
seal the edges and give it oval shape
do the same for the rest of the dough
heat oil in kadhai ,one hot lower the flame
fry the rice flour dumplings /aanda
till brown and crispy
serve warm with chutney.

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