Wednesday, March 09, 2016

the new you - open letter to advay 20

Dear Advay,
This letter will surprise you as you surprised me as you growing son..
Last few weeks you have become more responsible
You keep your bag ready night itself, keep the bottle in kitchen with a tumbler to fill it
And for your snack break you keep the carton of milk bag too night itself
Morning first thing you want to do is fill your bottle.
Then you ask me whether Tiffin is ready and as usual I tell you to get ready..
So yes this change of attitude of shocked me but later on noticing you everyday I realised why this happened..
You would be ready by 7:30 so you get 30 mins of time for yourself to read book
So your urgency doing things a night before that all made sense to me
And when I asked U ,,you just smiled]
You are just like me son chasing time I do the same daily
That's a different story,,
So yes I love how it happened and I love the new you,,

Monday, March 07, 2016

mahashivratri - phalahari alloo aur chai

Daily the same end
But these festivals
Bring a pause to
Our monotonous life
And with today being mahashivratri
Had to write about it in my diary ...

So todays special was my favourite vrat wale alloo paired with ginger chai and curd
This post is about curd though here we get all kind of yogurt
I prefer to do it at home somehow then only I feel satiated
Milk one litre
Starter curd one tbsp.
Boil milk nicely till its thick and creamy
Once done remove from flame and let it cool
Add one tbsp. Of starter and mix nicely
warm microwave for two minute
Keep the vessel in it to set for overnight
By morning homemade yogurt is ready ...
have posted poetry on mahashivratri in my other blog
Wish you all happy festivals..

Thursday, March 03, 2016

lunch box - vegearian noodles and chilli paneer

Advay loves to eat noodles so wherever he asks me to cook maggi I tell him I will cook noodles for dinner that's what I did and packed the same for his lunch paired it with chilli paneer perfect meal for me anytime ,..
Vegetarian noodles

Recipe name - veg noodles and chilli paneer
Category - lunch box, dinner recipe
Vegetables used for the noodles
Capsicum red and green, carrot ,spring onion ,baby corn and onion
For Chilli Pander
Sliced onion one
Grated ginger garlic once tbsp.
Green chilli one sliced
Capsicum half sliced
Spring onion chopped one tbsp.
Cottage cheese 200gm
Paste of one tbsp Cornflour half tbsp all purpose flour and one tap rice flour
Soya sauce one tbsp
Tomato ketchup one tbsp
Salt as per taste
Pinch of black pepper
In a mixing bowl mix thawed cottage cheese with paste and keep aside.
heat oil in non stick wok
Add chopped onion keep stirring till its brown
Add ginger garlic paste keep stirring
Now add capsicum once semi cooked
Remove from flame ,..
In the same wok in one tbsp of oil
Pan fry cottage cheese
Once brown add cooked capsicum mix followed by soya sauce and tomato ketchup
Stir everything together add salt and pepper
Serve warm with noodles..

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

comfort meal - shallots sambhar fried okra & rice

I know I  keep going away its hard to come back here the space which started it all my journey with words I know I am again going poetic so todays post let it be of food ,..
Food which connects us to our soul
Food makes us feel happy
Food which we look forward to
At the end of the day to be satiated
Not something fancy but real
Something which in the first bite
Connects our heart & soul
Food essence of life,..
Yesterday I had this simple lunch of leftover food
Indian meal

Shallots sambhar
Fried okra
Leftover rice tempered with curry leaves & mustard seeds
& sago papas...
A perfect meal for me to satiate my soul
What is your perfect meal friends,..