Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dinner with leftover,,,,,nd ya i am missing toi...:-(

So many times we try to fix meal with whatever we have in excess,we tend to ingore the fridge where there is always something waiting for us to get our attention,one evening i thought of preparing something with leftover in fridge i had one fourth of cabbage,half of green capsicum, half cup of cottage cheese ,leftover chapatis ,two eggs,...with Advay running in and out of kitchen whenever i am there its too difficult to concentrate properly while cooking ;-) i thought of preparing Egg roll with cottage cheese filling and cabbage and cottage cheese salad with extra virgin olive oil dressing,as i wrote i thought of preparing but while cooking i dont know where my mind was maybe after Advay instead of Roll i prepares egg parantha with filling ,i myself dont know what name i should give to this dish ,,,any suggestions,..:-)

for the filling things needed are

cottage cheese chopped

green chilli one chopped

capsicum chopped half

green chilli sauce

salt and pepper

oil half tsp

cumin seeds a pinch


heat oil in non stick pan ad cumin seeds once they start spluttering,

add green chillies followed by capsicum,

once tender enough add chopped cottage cheese followed by green chilli sauce

add salt and pepper and remove from flame and keep aside.

for the parantha

eggs two ,beat and keep aside

left over chapatis two

lemon juice one tbsp

chat masala half tsp

onion one chopped

oil to cook


heat oil in non stick tava

once oil is hot

place leftover chapati on non stick tava and keep turning the chapati till it becomes crisp

add egg mixture on the chapati and spread evenly ,once egg sets properly on the chapati

add cooked cottage cheese mixture spread evenly followed by chopped onions ,lemon juice and chat masala.

remove from flame once done and serve hot with any side dish,we had with cabbage salad ,...

for Cabbage Salad-mix finely chopped cabbage with cottage cheese and chopped red chillies,add extra virgin olive oil with basil leaves,salt,pepper and dash of italian herbs for extra kick,..thats all frens,....Cabbage Salad is ready....:-)

Cabbage is excellent source of vitamin C,it also has amino acid Glutamine which has anti-inflammatory properties,the part of plant which is wildly eaten is cabbage head,cabbage can be consumed raw,cooked or preserved in varities of dishes.

Apart from green cabbage other cabbage available are Colewort,Drumhead,Oxheart,Red cabbage,Savoy cabbage and winter cabbgae.

Cabbage Salad goes to Weekend Herb Blogging Event
hosted by Chriesi of Almond Corner and announced by Haalo of Cook almost anything

On another note,life has become bit hectic for me,Advay has started with play school
since 2nd of this month which means i have to wake him up by 8 am which i really dont want to when i see him sleeping peacefully, all cuddeled up beneath blankets,sometime he wakes up on his own which is very seldom :-),by 9:30 i am back home after dropping him at playschool,thus i get three hours for myself when i can ,relax ,have my breakfast,and do things which i like to do,.;-),i don knw how i gonna manage my time once i start working which gonna start soon,till now i was just house wife but with work,part time course which gonna start soon, will be very very hectic,..and blogging is something which really relaxes me,...i just hope i will get time to blog because this is something which i dont want to leave at all,...and when i see fellow bloggers who are working,managing home,children and blogging too i know how well they must be managing their time to pursue blogging,...:-),...thats all frens, care,,,will catch u all soon,..:-),...hppy bloggin,...nd ya i am missing Sailus taste of india,...:-( what about u all,...???