Monday, February 02, 2009

Finally tried baking ,..thanks Cham...:-)

Therer always first time for everything be it anything,whenever i thought of baking for the first time the thought itself used to give me jitters,thought of how it gonna turn out,whether it will be liked or not by everyone ,what if it gets burnt,or is so hard that i have to throw all of it,..thinking of all these negative things i always used to think no not today ,..but today finally made up my mind,..met Lakshmi online discussed with her,..Chams plain vanilla cake recipe was on my mind since the day i had seen the recipe in her blog,..but when lakshmi gave me nod to start with her recipe i didnt think again,i didnt had baking powder and soda,in my kitchen pantry and ya vanilla esence too,..could get baking powder nd soda from the nearby shop but unfortunately vanilla essence was unavailable so i substituted vanilla esence with chopped blueberries,for unsalted butter i used home made white butter,rest all the ingredients were same,i used manual blender to beat sugar ,butter and sugar which took lot of time ,with no one to guide to ,i followed blindly Chams post and waited patiently after keeping the cake in the otg,..
after taking out i first checked with knife whether it came out clean or not, came out clean,.huh,..i prayed silently,.next slowly i took one thin slice from the plate and one bite and i knew my first attempt at baking was successful,..:-) after finishing off with the cake slice i thought of clicking pic for posting but my bad luck my camera battery showed off so i clicked with my cell phone thats why u see so bad pics,...:(

luvs to eat this cake so Plain cake with blueberries goes to Alka of Sindhi rasoi for her Just for u event,Plain cake with blueberries is my first entry for my own event

cook and create with luv for luv ,thats all frens cee u all soon and ya this one is for u all

enjoy..:-) and thanks Cham for posting such a nice recipe,..:-)