Friday, March 27, 2009

Dadis recipe of Bakheer for bloggeraid cookbook

When i first heard about Bloggeraid from Sunshinemoms blog few months back without thinkin twice i joined the community because the aim of the community is to make difference in life of lesser priviledged people.
Thanks Ivy,Bellini and Giz for taking the initiative for the cause.
Today is first day of Ramnavmi which is nine day long festival celebrated in northern India to celebrate the birth of Lord Ram,
I still have faint memories of the festival celebration at my hometown when i was in school,asthami night preparations used to start for thepooja of the deities .
on navmi morning early at 5am i could smell aroma of freshly prepared Bakheer and Dal ki poori which was prepared as prasad to be offered to goddess Durga.Whole night of asthami my dadi,mother and aunt would prepare dal ki poori and bakheer so that early morning of navmi they could do the offering to the deity and break the fast of ashthami.
So my contribution for Blogger aid Cookbook is my dadis recipe of Bakheer,as per te rule i am not sharing the recipe just the pic.
Blogger aid cookbook is fundraiser programme,selected recipes will be published in a cookbook and the proceeds from the sale will go to School Meal Program,a program of The World Food Programme(WFP),the united nations frontline agency.If interested o contribute click here for details.

And ya before i forget Wish all the readers of Asankhana Happy Ugadi,Gudi Padwa and Ram Navmi.