Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blueberry Crisp with Icecream ,....

I just luv blueberries so when i saw the recipe of Blackberry Crisp in Nigella Lawsons book,i had to try it,had blueberries in my fridge and when Advay slept today noon, had all the opportunity to work peacefully in kitchen,,,:-)
Recipe name Blueberry Crisp
Recipe source Nigella Express Book
Recipe style Baking
baking temperature 200 degree centigrade
baking time 15 to 20 mins
Ingredient needed
half cup plus one tablespoon butter'
three fourth cup rolled oat
half cup flour
half cup light brown sugar ( i used brown sugar )
half cup flaked almond
one fourth cup sunflower kernel ( i didnt had  :-( )
ground cinnamon one tsp
blueberries one cup ( original recipe blackberries four cup)
one fouth cup vanilla or granulated sugar ( i used normal sugar)
two tsp cornstarch ( substituted with all purpose flour )
preheat the oven to 200 degree centigrade
melt butter and keep aside
In a mixing bowl combine oat with flour,brown sugar,cinnamon,sunflower kernel and almond
In a baking dish preferably wide shallow one ,mix blueberries with sugar and cornstarch (i used all purpose flour)
stir melted butter over crisp topping and spoon over the blueberries
bake for 20 mins and serve warm with icecream or cream.
this one is for u frens,just curl up on ur couch and enjoy this bowl  thats wht i did. u will experience sheer bliss,tastes best served warm with dollop of ciecream or cream.
blueberry crisp is my entry for the weekly bakeoff at Champas space
...enjoy cee u all soon..