Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Announcing Fun Event Cook and Create With Luv for Luv

Valentines Day  is around and I guess everyone  must be thinking what to prepare,what to gift your loved one,…frankly speaking I am not strong believer of Valentines Day,..but then I am not against this special day too,..:-) because this special day gives us the opportunity to show our love ,be it anyone,..our friends, family, children and ya how can I forget  our hubby too,..:-)
Every one has got different way to celebrate this special day but one thing is common Love,..to celebrate VALENTINES DAY in Blogosphere I invite you all friends to take part in the Fun Event

 Cook and Create with Luv for luv

which is perfect way to showcase your hidden creativity,..you guys can create anything keeping Valentine Day theme in mind,..it can be simple card for your Beloved,to stuff toy for your children, bookmarks for your friends,anything  which can bring out  your creativity..because I think just like me everyone has got  creativity hidden somewhere,..believe me even I didn’t knew that I could paint adversity made me realise ;-),..anything  which is creative and handmade can be accepted,…
Logo for handcraft entries

Edible entries is also accepted keeping the theme in mind which can be heart shaped biscuit ,cake ,sweets,  savouries ,valentine day dinner,..it need not be something special,..simple   food prepared with love also becomes special,..nd ya if your kids prepare something for you I will be happy to have them too,..not   to miss by your hubby too,..so   it’s a fun event where whole family can take part,…
Logo for edible entries

Guide lines for the event
1)      Cook and create anything keeping the Valentine day theme in mind,
2)      Publish it in your blog and link it back to the announcement post
3)      You can use either of the three logos which I have prepared
4)      Mail me your entry at stillnotyet100@gmail.com by 20th of February with post url and pic
5)      I will be happy to receive entries from non bloggers too
And now the exciting part :) I have guest hosted blog events before but this is my own FIRST event :-) :-) :-) and this i how it happened -
yesterday evening  I was busy doing t shirts for my younger sis ,I was thinking I will give her a surprise by giving them to her on Valentines Day…though she is not believer of this day,..while painting the idea of hosting this event dawned on me,..since then this has been on my  mind ,,,urging me to go ahead and announce,..but as this one is my first event I was bit wary about how you guys gonna react,..what if u all say,..Valentines Day at this age ,..we are not kids anymore,..;-),..i know its very difficult to paint and create,.with kids around,..yesterday night when I was doing the tshirts Advay was busy colouring himself,..by the time I was done,,.his grey plain trouser was colourful  with marks from sketch pen,his face and hand green,…but after I was done I felt so happy,,I was playing  with colours after three months…after coming back from Singapore,,,I was not able to devote time to Tshirt painting which really acts like therapy for me, apart from cooking of course :) so friends  just give it a try it by taking part in this fun event and show m yr colors !!!