Thursday, November 20, 2008

Huh... finally back frens,....missed u all lotz,...

After so many tiring days and sleepless nights finally i am relaxing at my sis place in Delhi ,looks like perfect holiday for me after a long long time,with younger sis too at home its added bliss for us,morning and evenings its cold here but days are still warm and everywhere i go i am amazed by the varieties of eateries available it food courts in various malls,roadside joints ,street hawkers,and local bazaars but the best part of staying in Delhi is home cooked food prepared by my mom,since my younger sis is even here for her vacations even she tried some regular dishes recipes of which i will be sharing soon,. ,..
coming back to today's post i will share recipe of Kadai paneer and doi begun which i prepared along with already blogged recipe of Mangalorean chicken curry ,for the first time i cooked chicken for my sisters ,was really glad when they told me it was really good....:-)
ingredient for Kadai Paneer
Cottage cheese 300gm
cumin seeds one tsp
black pepper seeds half tsp
bay leaves crushed two
green capsicum one chopped lengthwise
onion three chopped finely and two chopped length wise ,keep them separate
tomatoes one chopped finely and the chopped length wise
garlic six cloves chopped finely
green chili two chopped
half tsp each of turmeric powder,red chilly and coriander powder (masala mixture)
salt to taste
oil to cook
heat one tbsp oil in wok
add cumin seeds once they start spluttering add
crushed bay leaves and pepper seeds
followed by finely chopped garlic,green chilly and onions
once the onions start changing colour add finely chopped tomatoes followed by masala mixture and salt,
now add chopped capsicum and fry further
once oil is seen along the sides of the wok add the thinly sliced onions,tomatoes and fry for two minute
add chopped cottage cheese fry for a minute,if desired add water
simmer for two minutes and remove from flame.
Serve hot with roti and rice.
Recipe for Doi Begun
is taken from here  .
Prepared Besan roti too recipe of which is already blogged here,together
everything was yummy,........:-)
Advay has become very naughty nowdays
,,.half of my time is spent running after him,.he has started speaking and likes to talk,..whenever he is hungry he drags this big bottle of nimki
which my mother prepared specially for him before leaving for home town .,...
And ya thanks friends for passing me so many awards i will pass them soon ,..and thanks a ton for the wishes too,..friends u wont believe but this post took seven days to complete,..everytime i  logged in earlier after my blog break my time was spent going though the wonderful posts which i missed reading during my blog break,i still have to catch up with many previous posts....which i have not read ,..but will do soon ,...:-)huh,,,finally done...feel so good...cee u all frens......soon...happy  blogging and cooking,..missed u all really lotz,...:-) 
special note for Singapore bloggers-frens u all r truly missed,,,:-(,..and ya the foodie meet,..too,..:-(
Lakshmi thanks for charging me again for blogging :-) i surely needed the charge to start again ,thanks to u,,,,:-)

 i will be back with the recipe soon,...:-)...ceeya,..