Monday, May 14, 2018

curry to dip poori - alloo sabzi

there are some curries which stay with you and when you miss the taste of home you go deep in the recess of your mind and search the fragrance be it freshly grounded roasted cumin or fiery red chili ot stays with you
you keep searching till you can feel the fragrance and that's when you know that you are home

I love to dunk poori in this curry whch has just these two ingredients - potato and tomato
I call this two potato and three tomato curry


tomato coarsely chopped three
potato cubed two
mustard oil one tbsp.
ginger garlic paste one tbsp
pinch of asafoetida
cumin seeds one tsp
salt as per taste
turmeric powder one tsp
red chili powder one tsp


heat oil in a wok
add heeng and cumin seeds let it splutter
add ginger garlic paste let it brown for a minute or two
add the powdered spices followed by tomato
keep stirring till oil is seen along the sides
add the potato and fry till the colour changes
now add water .cover and cook
after half an hour check if potato is done
serve warm with poori