Wednesday, February 11, 2015

chicken do pyaza curry for cold winter nights

How you feel when the temperature is too low its snowing and food is still to be cooked in the kitchen I was caught in a similar situation few days back

then I was filled with memories of this simple curry which would be prepared at home sometime that time I was too young to ask the recipe or be curious what all is being added to the curry so this one is my own interpretation of how to prepare Chicken do pyaza
Chicken do pyaza

Recipe name Chicken Do Pyaza
Chicken one
Onion three big chopped finely
Garlic clove three chopped
Ginger grated one tbsp.
Bay leaves crushed two
Dried red chilli
Crushed clove four
Crushed black pepper five to six
Crushed black cardamom one
Crushed cinnamon half inch
Pinch of asafoetida
Cumin seeds one tap
Kebab chini crushed four
Mace crushed one fourth tip
Coriander powder one tap
Turmeric powder half tap
Garam masala powder one tsp
Salt as per taste
Oil to cook
To garnish
Chopped coriander leaves
Heat oil in non stick wok
Once oil is hot lower the flame add asafoetida
Once it starts spluttering add cumin seeds
Followed by bay leaves ,clove,cardamom,cinnamon
Pepper,kababchini after a minute add chopped garlic & ginger
Once its brown add chopped onion & keep frying
Till the onion is brown & tender
Add all the powder masala followed by salt
After five minutes add chicken pieces & fry
Further for 10 mins add one cup of water
Cover & cook for 30 to 40 mins
Serve warm garnished with coriander leaves

We had this curry with steamed rice and it was perfect comfort meal for the weather .
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on being Global Citizen - Letter 10 for Advay

Dear Advay,
Few weeks back you got your journal from school.I liked the way you had expressed yourself in  your class assignments but when I saw the GLOBAL CITIZEN passport in your folder I was awestruck because this was something really beautiful I wanted to read it again & again .I wish everyone could understand this simple thing that we all are GLOBAL CITIZEN

.There were some beautiful quotes there in the passport all meaning the same that we don't belong to a single country but to the whole world

.I know what I am trying to share is big for you maybe you will understand when you grow up.
That's all for now
Lots love
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Monday, February 09, 2015

Comfort food for me anytime - Kachodi with Brinjal Curry Salad & Rice

For me Indian Vegetarian Food is something which I can eat anytime as this is something which I have grown up eating ya I do eat chicken & meat but not everyday so when I heard about the event The Spice Trail Challenge - temple food hosted by Bangers & Mash I knew what I would be sending comfort meal from my home .
Sharing with you all pics of the meal which I cooked when I had called my friend for dinner the below pic has Curried Brinjal & Potato ,Deep fried Indian flatbread ,Salad & Jeera Rice.
Indian Meal of Brinjal Curry Ajwain Kachodi Jeers Rice & Salad

I love the curried brinjal recipe because of the tempering of the oil with fenugreek, asafoetida & dried red chilli.Aroma of the spices brings distinct taste to the curry.
In the bread the addition of carom seeds makes it flavourful and perfect with the curry.
For Jeera rice cumin seeds & bay leaves  add flavour to the rice adds extra zing to the otherwise plain rice.
Brinjal Curry

Recipe of curried brinjal & potato blogged here
Recipe of deepfried Indian bread / Ajwain Kachodi blogged here
Recipe of Jeera rice blogged here
Recipe of Kachumber /onion tomato salad blogged here
Comfort Meal - Indian Food

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Brinjal Curry & Kachodi
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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A cup of morning coffee = potion for the day letter 9 for Advay

Dear Advay,
Few days back I had missed my morning cup of coffee as we had missed the alarm so we were late for school with not much time I had to leave home without coffee & when you asked me ,"Mummy what happened if you didn't drink coffee " I didn't had any words to explain that time but now this letter is for the question which you asked me that day by your words you meant its okay if you didn't drink coffee that's not a very big thing but for me it is ..

I put alarm for 5am every morning so that I can get up early to brew the coffee soak in the silence & start the day doing this awakens me in a positive way & I feel good & energetic. So while you & your father are speaking I am ready to face the day & world .Its not just on weekdays I love to do this on weekends too .For me this is happiness ,me time ,my potion for the day  and maybe for you its just a cup of coffee. So this is the answer of the question which you asked that day .One thing more maybe you can relate to the happiness which you get when you get up & start looking for books to read its the same kind of happiness or magic potion for mummy to be charged for the day & ya I write poems too sometime early morning that's another story which I will share with you another day ,..

With lots of coffee love

Cooked to pleased & ya I succeded read on,..

I know I am too late in sharing the recipe of this simple chicken curry thanks to the French & art class &; my new passion poetry if you guys are following me on twitter you must be knowing what I am talking about because of too much writing I am not able to read books too I know I have drifted away from the post
.Coming back to the recipe how do you feel when you go out & your child says I want to eat Indian Food & starts pointing towards several different kind of Indian Mahal restaurants which are just Mahal in term of name but the food is not equivalent to being called Indian .This happened many times with us so finally I thought of cooking the way my son gonna like it ya Indian Curry but a bit rich .

Recipe Name Makhmali Chicken Curry
Chicken one kg
Ginger garlic grated one tbsp.
Onion one chopped finely
Tomato big two chopped coarsely
Asafoetida pinch
Cumin seeds one tsp
Salt as per taste
Half tsp each of coriander, turmeric and red chilli powder
Oil to cook one tbsp
Cream whisked two tbsp.

Heat oil in non stick wok ,once hot lower the flame
Add asafoetida & cumin seeds & let it splutter for a minute
Add ginger garlic paste & fry for a minute
Add chopped onion and fry further for two minutes
Once brown add all the masala powder followed by salt
Stir for a minute add tomato & cover & cook for 5 minutes
Add the chicken pieces and fry for 5 to 7 minutes
Add half cup of water and cover & cook for 30 mins
Remove from flame & cream warm for a minute
Serve warm with chapathi & rice

So this was my trick to convert a simple curry to something which resembles a one prepared at restaurant the only difference is this one was yummy too.Advay loved this one that's another reason this one is going to be one of my fav curry for guests too,..
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Monday, February 02, 2015

Loved Januaryhow was it for you ?

Hello Friends,
How was January for you ?
For me it was fabulous finally after such a long time was able to blog continuously without any break didn't read much because I wrote a lot in my blog and on twitter .Wrote some poems too on this blog which can be read here
Started a new series on the blog letter for Advay my son which I am really loving writing  & maybe because now he can read its fun to see his expression when he is reading the letters.
.Have started following some daily prompts for short poems & verses on  twitter which I am loving doing Will be sharing the poems in the other blog soon .Started studying French again and the painting class is on so ya this month has been very productive for me &; a happy one too.
For the January post on AsanKhana check here
what about you guys ? How was the month for you ? were you able to follow your resolution ?
Do share with me in the comment section
sharing a precious moment of Ganesha Chaturthi 2014 pic taken at my Singapore home .
& ya that painting of Ganesha is done by me .
Awaiting your replies