Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cheese Paratha with crispy karela fry and cucumber raita

Some random questions are always going on in my mind,
answers to which i gonna get in the coming time ,
some of these questions are silly i know
but then i am desperate to know
Whenever i am alone ,or with thou
some random questions are always going on in mind

i guess this happeens with everyone or its just me ...? ;-)
Coming back to todays post this one is simple recipe of Cheese Paratha

,Advay likes to eat parathas a lotz so i keep experimenting with different fillings.
Follow the same procedure as given for alloo paratha ,for filling i have used shredded mozarella cheese.

we enjoyed the paratha with cucumber raita and crispy karela fry , recipe blogged here.
Cheese Paratha is off for Only Kids delight event hosted by Pari of Foodelicious
Thats all frens,will cee u all soon, cre nd happy blogging