Wednesday, June 25, 2008

santre wala pulao poro ke saath or strip weight loss par,..

notyet100jacks family is obsessed with weight problem, their diet is restricted tocertain things..jack finds solaces in his friend jills company...

this comic book is my first entry for the create a comic event started by lakshmi of taste of mysore ,thanks lakshmi for introducing this hobby,,keeps me really occupied,,,specially when rajneesh is on call,,and my son is sleeping,..toondoo,.rocks,..its got so many features and applications,..and easy to use too,...thanks for toondoo,..too,..i am hooked to it,,,now ..not gettin time for tshirt painting,,,and my other hobbies,..:-)

prepared pulao with orange flakes,,,few days goes the recipe


cooked rice one cup
saffron strands dissolved in one tablespoon of milk
few seeds of cloves,green cardamom and crushed cinnamon stick
orange chopped
grounded black pepper
orange juice one fourth cup


oil to cook
salt totaste


heat oil in wok
add cinnamon,clove and green cardamom,and saute for a minute
add cooked rice ,followed by juice


keep frying
add salt,keep few orange pieces for garnishing,.add others to the rice
add pepper,followed by grounded pepper
finally add dissolved saffron and cover and cook
delicious pulao is ready ,..


we had with spicy omelette,..cooked in persian style,.. (poro)


chopped onion one
chopped tomato one
chopped potato half
crushed garlic two cloves
green chilli two chopped
cheese grated


salt and black pepper
egg two
cumin seeds

p.s. any veggies can be added with potaotoes for example,green peas,sweet corn,mushroom


heta oil in wok ,
add cumin seeds,onion,tomatoes,potatoes,green chilli,garlic
season with salt and pepper ,


now add the beated eggs to themixture
cover and cook till the bottom layer is brown
turn the omelette and add grated cheese



santre wala pulao goes for mixed rice event hosted by ec of easy craft

spicy omelette goes to sangeeth whois hosting EAT HEALTHY PROTEIN RICH FOOD EVENT


Unknown said...

nice going to make this pulao..will tell u how it comes out..

Divya Kudua said...

pulao looks yum!!great pics too!!!

delhibelle said...

santre wala pulao, so exotic! what an interesting & lovely meal!

Lakshmi said...

pulao looks exotic. Comic was good. I am rolling with laughter.

Indian Khana said...

Lovely dish but I'm not able to view the pics :-(

Indian Khana said...

Able to view the pics now..did u change anything?

Indian Khana said...

hmm I have left a comment too dear !! Didnt you saw tht?

Asha said...

Perfect combo, my kids would love it for lunch!:)

Unknown said...

I too made orange pulav long back. It sure tastes great. Lovely entry.

EC said...

Your comic strips are as beautiful as your dishes

Illatharasi said...

wow, pulau looks great.... so colourful:)

Anonymous said...

santra pulao sounds new and interesting ... from the pics it looks yummmy

Sailaja said...

Very delicious pulav. Great Pics !!!!!

Srikitchen said...

wow.. that is a colorful and delicious pulav... send it me soon

Prajusha said...

pulao looks lovely and colorful.Good comic :)