Wednesday, February 11, 2015

on being Global Citizen - Letter 10 for Advay

Dear Advay,
Few weeks back you got your journal from school.I liked the way you had expressed yourself in  your class assignments but when I saw the GLOBAL CITIZEN passport in your folder I was awestruck because this was something really beautiful I wanted to read it again & again .I wish everyone could understand this simple thing that we all are GLOBAL CITIZEN

.There were some beautiful quotes there in the passport all meaning the same that we don't belong to a single country but to the whole world

.I know what I am trying to share is big for you maybe you will understand when you grow up.
That's all for now
Lots love
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FarZain said...

I love this post. So important to raise children who think beyond man-made boundaries of nation, race, religion and so many other things.
Lovely concept. Thank for sharing! I will be passing this on to my daughter.