Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crispy dhaba style besan ki roti with spicy chicken bhurji


well for days i was craving for dhaba ka khana..but in singapore ,...:-( so today i played with ingredients and created the desi style recipe of chicken bhurji and besan ki roti...and believe me i was licking my fingers,,felt as if i was really eating in dhaba....do try to get the desi feeling specially for the dhaba khana lovers..

i am sending these recipes for rci punjab hosted by lakshmi

ingredients for besan roti- vary the quantity according to your need

two cup besan
one cup flour
one teaspoon red chilli powder
one teaspoon turmeric powder
one teaspoon ajwain
one teaspoon salt
one chopped green chilli
one chopped clove of garlic
half chopped onion
water to knead
half teaspoon of oil
ghee for desi feeling or u can use butter

procedure- mix all the ingredients except water ,now slowly add water ,,,consistency of the dough should be hard enough as besan ki roti is made thick...because of the ingredients added ,..if thin roti is made the ingredients will come out ,once the dough is kneaded make thick roti of the dough and place on tava which is already heated,,.

keep turning the roti and apply ghee when done


now the ingredients for the chicken bhurji

boneless chicken 250 gm for two people vary the quantity according to your need ,boil for two mins and keep the chicken stock aside
one tomato chopped
two onions chopped
three garlic clove chopped
three green chilli chopped
mustard oil one tablespoon

for the masala mixture-ingredients are-
three big cardamom
two small cardamom
three dried chili
three bay leaves
two star anise
one teasppon each of cumin seed, coriander seed,black pepper and cloves
one inch of cinnamon stick
dry roast all the ingredients and make powder and keep aside


now heat oil in nonstick kadai and add green chili and garlic


once they start spluttering add onion and tomato followed by salt,..keep frying till onion turns brown ,now add the powdered masala and keep frying till the masala blends with the onion you can add few drops of water,...now add the chicken and keep frying till the chicken blends with the masala

now add the chicken stock and cover and cook

chicken bhurji is ready to eat



Lakshmi said...

I am not a non-veg eater, ur roti looks good. You can edit ur pics on photobucket. You can edit the size to suit it to web/email size which is usually 300*300 or something like that. Just play around the tools in editing tab on photo.

Anisheetu said...

Wow roti is good... will try for sure... chicken i leave it to u...

dent said...

tried d roti but it dint turn d way it looks like in d pic....:-(

notyet100 said...

hi dent sorry dont know ur name,,,did u follow the procedure properly////wht u didnt like about the roti,,maybe i can explain

dent said...

i cud get d taste of only besan which i felt wasnt cooked properly coz of its thickness.... i did follow d procedure... well, i also tried aloo baingan sabzi where i omitted baingan n it turned pretty good...
well, as for my name u knw me...

notyet100 said...

do i...then why dent?i dont know anyone by the name of dent...can u plz tell me ur name,,,,next time u try take less of besan and more of flour,,,and cook well by appling ghee on both sides ,,,do tell me ur name

lubnakarim06 said...

Wow this is something new to me. Looks yummy.

Hamsi said...

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