Wednesday, March 19, 2008

From my moms kitchen- Baingan allo tamatar sabji

baingan aloo tamatar subji well this is the basic recipe..of baingan and allo...this recipe was told by my mother on skype..when i got marrid i was just out of college so didnt had the even the basic idea of kitchen or cooking...with my hubbys help,my experiments with ingredients and yes my mothers dictation on skype in two yrs i can say that i cam manage kitchen on my own,,,thanks to my teachers ....

:-) well the ingredients are for two people-baingan one big or two small
allo one chopped into square and boiled for three minute
tomato one chopped
green chilies three chopped
onion one chopped
garlic clove three chopped
one tea spoon of fenugreek seeds
dried red chilies three
half teaspoon of astafoetida
mixture of all the masalas redchili,turmeric,coriander and garam masala mixed in one teaspoon of water
salt one teaspoon

procedure- heat oil in the non stick pan or kadai whichever u prefer ,,,,once warm enough add fenugreek seeds,astafoetida and redchillies

once they start to splutter add chopped onions,green chillies and garlic,once the onions turn brown add tomatoes and further fry for a min,Photobucket

now add the masala mixture folllowed by the salt...when u see oilPhotobucket

along the side of the kadai add boiled allo followed by baingan,,once fried add water and cover and cook for few minutes...
lower the flame,,,enjoy with roti or parathaPhotobucket


Lakshmi said... ur pics have scaled down. Good. We all learn from each other. So I have lots a learn from u,esp asan khana.

notyet100 said...

thanks for the appreciation lakshmi..

Herbs Spices and Tradition said...

Simple and nice recipe, i make something similar but i do not add water, i can try adding water.