Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dhaba style chicken fry kitchen experiment,..

i am sending this recipe under the category of successfully tried and tasted recipe for rci punjab which my friend lakshmi is hosting of tasteofmysore.blogspot.com

this recipe tastes good with punjabi kulcha...or any other indian bread,..fast to cook ,you can alter the spice according to your taste...so here goes the recipe for kaleji fry,i have used mustard oil,mustard oil gives distinct taste to the recipe..but if you dont like mustard oil you can used any other oil depending on your taste


200gm chicken liver
two oninons chopped
one tomato chopped
garlic eight chopped
green chilli two chopped
oil one tablespoon (mustard oil )
half cup water
garam masala one teaspoon
chicken masala one teaspoon
salt to taste
cumin seeds one teaspoon


heat oil in wok
soak chicken liver in water ,drain the water and keep aside
add cumin seeds,once they start spluttering add garlic and green chilli
once garlic starts changing colour add onions followed by tomatoes


keep frying once you see oil along the sides of the wok add salt,garam and chicken masala and fry further till the masala blends with the onions
now add the drained chicken....once fried for three minutes add half cup of water

and cover and cook


dhaba wala kaleji fry is ready to be eaten with kulcha or non...


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